We want to make you happy and help you succeed. That’s why we always give you the best, just because you’re a Leonisa Ambassador.

  • Your level is determined by the sales you accumulated in the previous month.
  • Your range is the dollar amount of sales you’ve made, which determines your level.
  • Your earnings are represented by your discount, which is determined by your level.
Ambassador levels Leonisa

Keep in mind:

  • The level that you start at each month is determined by your sales for the previous month. For example, if you accumulate $800 in sales in month 1, in month 2, you’ll rise to the Star level and will get a 35% discount, no matter how much you sell in month 2.
  • If you go 6 months without making a purchase, you’ll be removed from the program.
  • Discounts and taxes won’t be taken into account when determining your accumulation amounts.