Find Your Perfect Dance Outfit: Leggings, Tops, & Shapewear

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    Strut with Dance Leggings That Flatter Your Every Move

    Feel the rhythm and move those hips with Leonisa dance leggings. Available in a variety of sizes and styles, our comfortable dance leggings are sure to keep your legs limber. Choose from styles such as high waisted full-length leggings and mid-waist calf-length capris, each designed with a double-layered waistband to slim and flatten your core and an anti-slip grip lining that will never roll down as you shimmy and twirl.

    With moisture-wicking fabrics, you can dance away without breaking a sweat. Our vast list of dance leggings can be found in numerous colors and cute patterns to have fun, too. Choose dance leggings with mesh cutouts and side pockets to keep your phone and music playlist secure. Check out Leonisa’s extensive collection of dance leggings and find the perfect style for you!