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    Trendy Underwear

    At Leonisa, we stock trending underwear to help you stay on top of what’s new. Examples of trendy panties include panty shapers, butt lifters and lace options. Hipsters and briefs are popular options too.

    Moisture Wicking

    Moisture-wicking underwear draws moisture away from your body when you sweat. You should always wear moisture-wicking panties with everyday leggings to prevent infections and discomfort. Moisture-wicking underwear can also help prevent wet patches from showing through your leggings.


    Shaper panties contour your body and create a smooth silhouette underneath your clothes. Women of all body types can wear this type of underwear.

    Butt Lifters

    Our butt lifter undergarments help create the appearance of a perkier, rounder butt. Some have an open back, and others fully cover the butt. You can also find some that include removable padding over the butt.


    Hipsters are some of the most popular panties for mid-rise jeans. They prevent chafing by offering more coverage for your abdomen than bikinis.

    Briefs and Boyshorts

    Both of these styles provide comfort and coverage. They are best worn with clothing that is not too thin or tight.

    Consider Your Clothing

    When choosing your underwear, consider your clothes. Different panties are more appropriate for some clothing options than others. At Leonisa, you can shop by style, solution or compression level to easily and exactly find what you’re looking for.