The Best Shapewear for a Lower Belly Pooch

Whether you're seeking comfortable shapewear to flatten a postpartum tummy or simply want to compress that lower belly pooch, Leonisa's shapewear can help you to embrace and love your curves. Feel more confident in the frame you have with a slimmer lower tummy area. Here is the best tummy control shapewear to flatten a lower belly pooch so that you can feel empowered and ready to take on the day.

Choosing Tummy Control Shapewear

Women have lots of options when it comes to shapewear, so it can often be difficult to select the right one to compress a lower belly pooch. If you're having trouble, here are some features to be mindful of when it comes to shapewear and choosing styles, your proper size and their overall comfort level. Proper Size: Make sure you choose the appropriate size. While some women might assume that a smaller size works harder to compress, this is simply not true. Instead, using too small of a size for your body will only cause unnecessary bulges and discomfort, negating the reason you bought shapewear in the first place. A smaller size also can make shapewear ride up on your legs or roll down on your waist. Buying too large of a size means it will not flatten the areas you want. So before purchasing shapewear, take a look at our sizing guide to find your proper size based on your exact body measurements. Breathability: Shapewear is meant to feel firm. Because of this, you need a breathable material that won't make you feel stuffy. Always avoid shapewear with nylon, spandex or other synthetic fabrics. Shapewear with cotton blends is perfect for optimal breathability. Cotton blends are also great at absorbing moisture. Choose Your Style That Suits You: Women are unique and there should never be a one-size-fits-all scenario. Because of this, women must decide on a shapewear style that suits their daily routine and the areas where they want to see some improvement. In this case, if you're seeking to slim down a lower belly pooch or tighten the tummy area, we offer a variety of styles and suggest high-waisted boy shorts, a high-waisted tummy shaper or a control brief.

Leonisa's Best Shapewear for a Lower Belly Pooch

As mentioned, to reduce and slim down a lower belly pooch, we suggest using a high-waisted boy short, a high-waisted tummy shaper or a control brief. Here are some of Leonisa's best shapewear for these options.

High-Waisted Tummy Shaper

 Our High-Waisted Tummy Sculpting Sheer Boyshort Shaper is the perfect shapewear piece for controlling a lower belly pooch and more! In fact, with PowerSlim ® fabric, it sculpts and compresses your entire torso and is supported by an anti-slip grip lining to secure everything into place. PowerSlim ® technology also offers greater circulation with fast-drying capabilities through its hexagonal-shaped, powerful elastic material. This shapewear even offers a butt lift effect with its ultra-light seamless tulle bottom, complete with laser-cut edges and a ruched seam. Wonderful shapewear to wear beneath a dress, you can wear this tummy sculpting boyshort with or without straps. Easily remove the straps or simply attach your bra using two back hooks. This shapewear also boasts a 100 percent cotton gusset, which allows for breathability. This shapewear is also great for your daily wear styles, capable of being worn beneath tight pants as well.

Comfy Control Brief with Rear Lift

Another one of our shapewear is the Firm Compression Brief with Rear Lift. This lovely shapewear offers a hi-waist brief panty with a front panel made of PowerSlim ® to compress and tighten the lower belly pooch area softly yet firmly. Besides compressing the tummy area, this shapewear also features a special zigzag seam in the rear to provide lift and support. Also made of 100 percent cotton gusset, this shapewear piece offers additional touches that make it extra comfortable. With a soft microfiber waistband and leg bands, as well as smooth DuraFit fabric, you can wear this shapewear all day long!

Feel More Confident with Our Tummy Control Shapewear

At Leonisa, we urge you never to be discouraged about your body. Be proud of who you are and love your curves-each and every one of them. And always remember that you are a limited edition! Share with us and the world a reason why you're proud of who you are and join the movement #UniqueLikeYou to shout it from the rooftops.

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