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Bra Size Quiz: What Type of Bra Should I Wear?

You’re the expert. Which of these most closely resembles your bust?

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Determining your bra size is key to getting your best fit and the most flattering look from your bra. However, it can be tough to figure out what your bra size is. You have to determine both your band size and your cup size before you can even think about finding your perfect bra. Different bra styles also flatter different breast shapes and sizes, which is why it’s key to figure out your bra size before deciding which style to buy.

That’s why we created our bra size quiz. If you’ve been wondering, “What type of bra should I wear?”—this quiz will help you answer that. Not only does it help you determine your size, it helps you pinpoint the bra styles that work best based on your preferences and also your needs. From everyday t-shirt bras to sexy lace lingerie, this bra fit quiz will help you find your perfect bra.

If you still need help after taking the quiz, you can always reach out to one of our expert consultants or schedule an appointment with one of our Personal Shoppers. They can help you further narrow down your options and help you determine the type of bra that will suit your needs best.

Finding your bra size or your perfect bra style shouldn’t feel like an impossible feat—and it won’t with this bra size quiz from Leonisa. Shop our selection of bras after taking this quiz and get free shipping on all orders over $25 in the continental U.S.

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