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Love for what we do, respect for our customers, corporate social responsibility & consideration for the environment: This is Leonisa. In every production plant, every workshop, every distribution center, every company office – employees give it their ALL so that products exceed your expectations.

Claudia Londoño
Maria Cristina Bonilla
Ana Milena Correa
Johnson de Jesús Herrera
William Cano Monsalve
Marlon Ernesto Cárdenas
Jose Walter Parra
Jaer Marín Guisao
Alexander Saldarriaga
Beatriz Palacio Cuartas
Isabel Cristina Bonilla
Maria Lucia Alvarez
Sandra Liliana Castañeda
Virgelina Manco


Leonisa’s objectives extend beyond making the best shapewear and lingerie. As a company, we also believe in our responsibility to improve employees’ and the community’s quality of life. Leonisa respects the dignity and work/life balance of its employees, giving them the best labor conditions, and encouraging constant growth for them, the company and the community. This is Leonisa's commitment to our supply chain employees:


Leonisa employees have the opportunity to consume three meals a day (breakfast, lunch & dinner) for FREE depending on their shift. Nutritionists design the menus and the food is prepared by a prestigious catering service.


Leonisa promotes the development of its Labor Community by providing student loans for the employee, spouse and their children. These loans can be offered with no interest and forgiven based on the student’s academic performance.


In the event of maternity, marriage, and costly treatments for sickness, Leonisa provides financial assistance to employees and their families in addition to permission for absentee days from work.
Life insurance is another benefit received by the families of employees.


Leonisa organizes several different social events throughout the year to acknowledge and show gratitude to employees. These events include: celebrating Mother’s Day, Children’s Day, the Labor Act of Recognition and Achievement, a New Year’s Eve party, and a children's visit to the Company.


The health of its employees is of constant interest to Leonisa; therefore, the company covers an annual exam of early detection and prevention through the health plan. In addition, the company pays for eyeglasses and provides forgivable loans for corrective eye surgery.


Through the Corporation Urrea Arbeláez, Leonisa workers can access housing loans with a very competitive interest rate and a fixed monthly payment and have the loan paid off within 6 to 7 years. In fact, almost all Leonisa employees own their homes.


Employees are offered several different bonuses throughout a given year. At the end of the year, they receive a double paycheck, and an across the board bonus of the same amount for all employees. For vacation spending, the company matches the money each employee saves, and for every 5 years of employment, they receive an extra bonus that increases periodically.


Leonisa incentivizes employees to save through a sponsored Employee Fund “FONELSA” and an Investment Mutual Fund “FOMIL”. The company provides a monthly contribution to those who participate.


The Urrea Arbelaez Corporation supports the project Embarking with Happiness, a social inclusion initiative that gives women entrepreneurs access to the digital world. Directed towards our catalog sales representatives, it aims to boost their personal/family life and business growth. The initiative contains free online courses with good practices in different areas of interest, and the ability to interact with members through the Web with real-time help.

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