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Our Technology

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While other brands claim to be the best, try us out and you be the judge!

The incredible quality of our products is due to the years of experience and the type of technology that we use to create our innerwear.
We offer not only comfort, but shape, long-lasting wear, security and
toxin-free innerwear that will always treat your skin right, -keeping your well-being as the most important part of what we do. Once you try us, you won’t ever go back!

Leonisa has the technology and exclusive equipment to produce the best. We produce 90% of our raw materials and 100% of our garments in 44 of our manufacturing plants – so we can, for sure, guarantee the highest quality. In addition, we have an advanced laboratory with patented machines to ensure superior developments.

Start wearing our innerwear with PowerSlim®, SmartLace®, SkinFuse® and DuraFit®... and discover not only how best to enhance your body, but how to take care of it the best way possible:

Lycra® fiber in our product

PowerSlim® is a powerful elastic material that has multidirectional reducing strength due to its hexagonal thread pattern. A garment that has PowerSlim® feels like it fits perfectly to your body with inherent slimming properties that shape, control and support like no other.

Due to the unique quality of the fibers and the intelligent fabric structure, these garments keep their shape even after several washes and daily wear.

The hexagonal shape of the fabric allows for greater circulation of air from the body, so even if you sweat a lot during the day, the garment will stay fresh by removing moisture. Further, if you need to wash this material, it dries super fast.

Compare our PowerSlim® material to other leading brands on the market, you will not find one that is this soft and with so much powerful control. Experience the technology of PowerSlim® by Leonisa.

PowerSlim™ Best Sellers
Body Shaper
in Boyshort
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Posture Corrector Back Support
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Torso Toner
Body Shaper
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No matter if you play sports, work in an office, or run errands, you need comfortable, long-lasting undergarments.

DuraFit™ is a material made of high-quality fibers that are produced using our strict manufacturing process. It’s extremely soft, lightweight, incredibly comfortable and significantly stronger and more durable than materials on the market.

For your well-being, DuraFit™ limits the growth of fungi and bacteria due to its lightweight, breathable structure and like all Leonisa fabric it’s made of 100% lead-free fabric for your health.

Due to the multifilaments of DuraFit™, colors maintain brightness even after daily wear and wash after wash.

Your skin should be paired with the best fabric to feel fresh, comfortable and secure. We present garments created from the latest technology so that they are highly durable and become your favorites.

DuraFit™ Best Sellers
Butt Lifter
Padded Panty
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High Cut
Panty Shaper
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Leo Power Mesh Long Boxer Brief
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SkinFuse™ is the seamless Leonisa technique to produce the best invisible undergarments. After more than 55 years of studying women’s curves, we developed a unique control that targets certain areas of the body to strategically shape it for a comfortably, smooth and natural look. Our targeted compression smooths out areas of the body that need shaping and relieves compression in others for a curvier shape. For example, there will be compression in the tummy and waist area and zero compression in the rear to avoid flattening.

We found a way to offer products made in only one piece and with very few ultra-flat, undetectable seams.

Check out garments with SkinFuse™ by Leonisa, no snagging due to its warp thread structure, and you will be amazed by its high durability, softness and comfort.

SkinFuse™ Best Sellers
Seamless High
Waist Shapewear
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Versatile Everyday Comfy Bra
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Invisible Strapless Classic Shaper
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Never before have you felt such a delicate, yet highly durable fabric. SmartLace™ by Leonisa is our technological development for sensuality.

With our anti-pilling treated fabric, don’t worry about garments forming little balls. Our lace is made of a significantly higher quality and design than other leading brands. It goes undetected under clothing, doesn’t itch or cause discomfort, and is perfect for daily wear.

When you wear a garment with SmartLace™ feel special: you’re wearing a product exclusively designed and manufactured using cutting-edge technology in fashion.

SmartLace™ Best Sellers
Fabulous Lace Balconet Bra
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Embroidered Lace Hip Hugger
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Seductive Hiphugger Panty
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Garments Technology

It's all in the details.
We are constantly improving our processes to come up with one of a kind garments that are developed with your wellbeing in mind. Our garments are made with no toxins because we care about your health. Comfort is at the forefront so you will never want to take them off. Careful design goes into shaping, reducing and supporting your figure, paying respect to your body and making you look and feel spectacular on the inside and on the outside.

To Leonisa, your wellbeing is beauty!


Super comfy straps that are soft on skin, made with a high tech process and with 100% nickel-free metal accessories


Seamless fabric that targets specific areas on the body to smooth lumps and bumps.


Seams that don’t indent the skin and create lines under clothing


Structured with ergonomic support that corrects posture and helps minimize back pain


Open gusset design permits all-day wear with comfort


Made for absolute comfort and softly hugs the body to wear 24 hours a day


Metal accessories are 100% nickel-free, suitable for daily wear


Dyeing process is 100% lead-free and free of other toxic components