What To Wear to a Pilates Class: 5 Essentials

Pilates is considered a low-impact exercise, so you might think you can wear pajamas or house clothing to your next class. However, low-impact exercise is still a workout, and you should dress for success!

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Your clothing should be tightly fitted enough that it won’t get in the way of your exercises or make it harder for your instructor to check your form. But it should have enough give to move with your body and allow you a full range of motion. After all, Pilates is meant not to just strengthen your core muscles and stabilizers, but improve your posture and flexibility. Read on for five of the essentials to wear to Pilates classes.

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1. Workout Leggings

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A good pair of high-waisted workout leggings is one of the best bottoms you can invest in for a Pilates class. Sweatpants are often too loose, and tights can restrict your range of movement. 

A pair of workout leggings from Leonisa has enough give to allow for a full range of motion. Plus, as part of our shapewear line, our leggings will help make your thighs and butt appear more toned and firm, so you can do workouts with confidence and embrace your curves.

2. Fitted Top

Loose T-shirts might be comfy, but the last thing you want is for them to slide everywhere during your hip raises. Instead, look for something that will stay in place and won’t get caught on any Pilates equipment. When it comes to shape, the sky’s the limit. Whether you go for a tank, a tee or a long-sleeved top, it just needs to be comfortable without getting in the way.

3. Sports Bra

Just because Pilates is low-impact doesn’t mean you don’t need to support your cleavage. We offer cute sports bra options that are seamless, so you don’t have to worry about bra lines showing through that fitted top. Our bras provide full coverage and plenty of cute prints to help make your workout outfit unique like you.

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4. Grip Socks

Like Yoga, Pilates classes rarely allow shoes. Bare feet are standard, but you may prefer to wear socks. Plenty of socks out there have treads on the bottom to give a better grip, though you can also go with something more specialized. Alternately, go in the opposite direction and try out a pair of five-toe ’shoes’ or minimalist studio wraps. Some classes may be more strict than others, so it’s never a bad idea to reach out and ask your instructor.

5. Hair Ties and Other Accessories

Ok, hair ties aren’t exactly clothing, but they’re still a vital part of any Pilates ensemble if you have long hair. You don’t want your locks to get in the way during your roll-ups or leg circles. Plus, though some Pilates classes forgo equipment, many keep it around, and free-flowing hair can be an injury waiting to happen if that’s the case. The goal is to restrain those locks and keep your vision unobstructed and your classes injury-free.

Keep It Snug and Safe

When you’re getting your body into shape with Pilates, you should make sure you have the right ensemble. Stay away from anything that can damage exercise equipment (like sharp accessories or big zippers) or damage yourself. Stick to clothing that gives you a full range of motion, so you can focus on the exercises. After all, you are a limited edition, and you deserve to treat yourself like one!

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