Sports Bra vs. Regular Bra: What’s the Difference?

Bras are an essential part of almost every woman's wardrobe. Unless you're spending the day at home or have just performed a ceremonial post-work day bra removal (which is arguably the best part of the day), your outfit most likely includes a bra. Though wearing an ill-fitted bra for a long time can become uncomfortable, a bra that fits you should never cause you actual pain or leave lasting marks. So if you're getting dressed and your decision is between two bra types, the sports bra and the regular bra, keep reading to determine when to wear each one. Both sports bras and regular bras help support your breasts and minimize movement while being worn. However, the two types differ depending on the type and duration of activity on which you are planning. Even though they share some basic characteristics, the two are not meant to be interchangeable. Here's what you need to know about sports bras vs. regular bras. 

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Sports Bras

Things to Consider: It seems as though many women are on the neverending hunt for the perfect sports bra, but finding a great fit probably isn't as difficult as you think. The more knowledgeable you are about sports bras and how they work, the more likely you are to find one that you really love. The most important thing to consider when choosing a sports bra is the level of activity you plan on doing while wearing it. While sports bras are commonly worn for leisure activities to maximize comfort, they are most practical for higher intensity workouts and a high level of physical activity in general. They can help you minimize sweat stains from exercise and keep you feeling comfortable and dry throughout the day.  Best Qualities: This type of bra also has some positive effects in the long run. Sports bras help compress the breast area to minimize movement, which in turn prevents sagging over time. Posture and back support bras (which really just look like cute sports bras with the added benefit of providing relief from poor posture) can help support your back and shoulders while helping you maintain good posture. From ample support to extra compression and posture maintenance, a sports bra has a long list of pros! 

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Regular Bras

Things to Consider: The main reason most women wear a "real bra" is due to clothing choice. Unfortunately, a sports bra doesn't tend to hide well under most dresses, tight clothing, strapless tops or nicer outfits. Wearing a regular bra comes with some rumored caveats in general, though it's totally possible to remain comfortable while wearing a regular bra. There are many of these to choose from as well. Regular bras can feature elements like underwire, padding, structure and support to help you get the best shape possible.  Best Qualities: There is so much to love about wearing a traditional bra. Most notably, a regular bra hides well underneath most clothing, especially if there are no bulky hooks or metal pieces. They can also enhance the shape of your breasts with added wiring, support and push-up padding. Most people choose a regular bra for nicer occasions for these reasons. Plus, a regular bra will almost always contain less material and bulk than a sports bra because there is less need for compression. 

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Whichever bra you choose, know that fit is everything. A well-made bra in your correct size is going to feel good, no matter what style you choose. Rock your sports bras and regular bras with confidence!

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