Best Postpartum Shapewear Every New Mom Should Have

Women who have just had a baby have a lot of thoughts on their minds, and worrying about a postpartum tummy shouldn't be one of them. That's why postpartum shapewear exists - to help new moms feel and look their best without even thinking about it. There are a couple of different postpartum shapewear options out there from shaping panties to supportive shaper shorts. And, when paired with the right nursing bra, shapewear can help new moms feel confident, comfortable, and healthy while taking care of their newborns. 

Best Postpartum Shapewear Every New Mom Should Have

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The Benefits of Postpartum Shapewear

A lot of women want to shed their maternity weight quickly after giving birth. While it is healthy to work toward a healthy BMI, it's advised that new moms take their time to lose just 1 pound a week with light exercise and healthy eating. By wearing postpartum shapewear that compresses the stomach, women may notice they are able to exercise more effectively. This is because compression promotes blood flow and circulation, which in turn can help you shed excess fat. This boosted circulation can also help heal C-section incisions more quickly. Even women who aren't concerned with losing weight after giving birth can use postpartum shapewear to take advantage of its benefits. With any shapewear that covers the abdomen, everything can be held firmly in place, making it more comfortable to move around. With the firm compression of shapewear, you may be able to fit more easily into certain tops, too. Lastly, all of these benefits can help any new mom feel confident about her body postpartum, leaving her with less to worry about when taking care of her newborn. 

Best Postpartum Shapewear Every New Mom Should Have

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How Leonisa Postpartum Shapewear Works

Leonisa offers some of the best postpartum shapewear options out there because we use high-tech designs in our shapewear along with our trademark PowerSlim material. Many of our postpartum shapewear panties include wraparound enclosures that feature Velcro and can be adjusted to feel looser or tighter depending on how far along you are in the postpartum healing process. All of our shapewear panties also use that special PowerSlim material, which is an elastic that utilizes a hexagonal thread pattern that can provide incredible strength while still feeling breathable. Leonisa postpartum shapewear can be washed over and over again without any loss in quality, and our shapewear is quick-drying for ultimate comfort when you wear the shapewear during exercise. Our postpartum shaping undies also do not use any zippers or hooks, so you can feel safe that your shapewear will not harm any incisions or stitches you may have received during a C-section.

Types of Postpartum Shapewear

Perhaps the most popular type of postpartum shapewear is the shaping panty or underwear by Leonisa, which can be tailored specifically for postpartum use with an adjustable wrap around the abdomen. These panties come in high-waisted and classic height options or in black or tan colors. You can also find classic shaping underwear, which works to both lift the butt and shape the stomach, in the same height and color options. Another great shapewear option for new moms is the shaper short, and Leonisa offers as the bestselling Well-Rounded Invisible Butt Lifter Shaper Short. This short uses a different type of material, the Leonisa trademarked SkinFuse fabric, which helps smooth out the curves of the hips and thighs and hides cellulite perfectly. For new moms, this short also provides compression around the waist without feeling too tight, and it gives the butt a lift to help you feel confident.

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New moms can also use a more traditional
waist trainer postpartum, which can offer lumbar support on top of tummy compression. While they are not recommended for women who have C-section incisions, they can be used by new moms who have had a natural birth and do not have any stitches that could catch on hooks around the belly. Leonisa offers plenty of waist trainer options, some with latex and some without for those with latex allergies. 

Best Postpartum Shapewear Every New Mom Should Have

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Use Postpartum Shapewear to Experience the Benefits

Using postpartum shapewear has amazing benefits for those who want to shed maternity weight and for those who want to promote healthy circulation in their bodies. Leonisa offers some of the best shapewear options out there for new moms, and you can order either shaping panties, shorts, or a waist trainer for yourself today to feel the difference it can make.

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