The Best Bras for Sloping Shoulders

Though it might seem like you have to jump through hoops to find the perfect bra, it's probably easier than you think. This is true regardless of body type, chest shape or bust size. When searching for your perfect bra, it's important to take into account your specific body and the problems you have previously experienced with ill-fitting bras. 

There are a few different features that might interact with the fit and security level of your bras. The natural shape of your shoulders, for example, might slope downwards in a way that makes it easy for your bra straps to slip off or out of place during wear. If this sounds all too familiar to you, then fear not. Check out these tips and reliable bra options for those who have sloping shoulders. 

The Slippery Slope

Sloping shoulders refers to the particular shoulder shape that gradually moves downward from the neck as opposed to straight across. Though it might cause your bras and shirts to fall off the shoulder more easily, having sloped shoulders does not mean you have health problems or a spinal issue. Shoulder shape variation is completely normal and lifestyle habits or good old-fashioned genetics could be the cause. The good news is there are specific bra types that can help keep your bra from moving around or slipping off your shoulders. Whether you have sloped shoulders or just want a new super secure bra option, the following bra styles will keep things in place all day long. 

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Right on Track

A traditional racerback bra most commonly features a piece of material that runs upwards between the shoulder blades and splits into two straps at the base of the neck. From there, the straps connect to the front of the bra and move into the front cups or alternate bra style. Racerback bras are ideal for people with sloped shoulders because the straps are placed closer to the neck and are not split down the middle in the back. Thankfully, many sports bra options feature a racerback style as well, allowing for a secure and slip-free exercise experience every time. 

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Consider Strap Size

If racerback bras aren't your favorite or don't work well with a particular outfit, there's still hope in terms of traditional bra styles. Try wearing a bra with wider straps that sit close together on your shoulders. The added width in the straps will add tension and keep the straps from moving or slipping like they might do with thin camisole straps. This type of bra works well underneath dresses or shirts with a lower cutout in the back that might otherwise reveal too much of a racerback bra.  

Much-Needed (Front) Closure

For those with sloped shoulders, the bra issue is sometimes solved by the closure and not the straps themselves. Secure front closure bras have the power to pull straps toward the center of the body from the front, making them less likely to slide the other way. As an added bonus, some front closure bras multitask as a posture-correcting piece that helps pull the shoulders back and encourage you to sit up straighter. 

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Know that you have options when it comes to fighting common bra issues associated with sloping shoulders. Since everyone has a unique body, one style in particular might work better for you than another. Try out a few and find your perfect fit!


  • Charlene

    I agree with first poster. They used to have bras with 3loops along the bottom. You could move the hook and adjust the straps distance apart. I searched everywhere they don’t make them any more. I don’t like racer back bras cause sports bras give you a uni boob.

  • Frustrated

    I have searched for years for traditional style bras that have straps closer to the middle of the back. Still looking. I don’t like to hassle with racetrack bras. I just want a bra I can wear with a tank top and have straps that are under the tank top straps. Would some company PLEASE make them.

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