Non-Surgical Butt Lift: 12 Quick and Temporary Solutions

Non-Surgical Butt Lift: 12 Quick and Temporary Solutions

Have you ever wanted to add curves to your butt without the pain and expense of surgery? Exercise is a great way to shape and define your backside, but it can take months to see results. Fortunately, butt lifter shapewear can provide a non-invasive boost with minimal investment. Think of it as a magic butt lift!

Butt-Enhancing Shapewear Comes in Various Styles

No matter your size or physique, you can perk up your bum instantly with butt-lifting pants or shorts. Specially designed leggings, boy shorts, briefs and panties can sculpt your bum with compression panels, lifting bands and contour padding. Add a set of round or oval memory foam pads to create volume and definition. You can wear these lifting undergarments anytime, anywhere, under your favorite dress, skirt or pants.

High-Tech Fabrics Provide a Comfortable, All-Day Lift

The best butt enhancers feature high-tech, breathable materials made for comfortable all-day wear. Advanced compression fabrics like PowerSlim®, DuraFit® and SkinFuse® stretch in many directions at once, so you can freely move while maintaining your shape. Many butt-lifting designs use a mix of fabrics and special seaming to give your bum a full, round and natural look that flatters your entire silhouette.

Lifting Your Bum Is Simple With the Right Shapewear

Every woman has a unique figure, so shapewear comes in all shapes and sizes to suit every need. Maybe you’re a petite woman who wants to play up her feminine shape, or you’ve just had surgery and need compression and support. Perhaps you like a full-coverage garment or want as little fabric as possible touching your skin. Whatever the case, you’re in luck! Check out the options below to find the perfect butt-lifting garment for you.

1. Classic Butt Lifter Shaper Panty

Sometimes you just need a little extra oomph to shimmy your way through the day. This minimalist butt-lifting shaper panty works like a dream to give your derrière a naturally lifted look. You can wear this underwear under anything every day. Thanks to its invisible seams, you’ll never have to worry about panty lines, and the cotton gusset will keep you feeling fresh. Add volume without squats or surgery; the soft stretch fabric holds padding that rounds out your rear. You can add or remove pads for the perfect look!

2. Undetectable Padded Butt Lifter Shaper Shorts

Enhance your rear view with these shorts made from DuraFit® fabric. Designed to be invisible under pants, skirts and dresses, this thermofused shaper provides moderate compression with a seamless fit. The double-layered top flattens your tummy, while a soft interior lining keeps you comfortable. Contour padding gives your buttocks a natural-looking lift. You can also remove the padding and wear the shorts as a no-show shaper. Laser-cut leg bands will smooth your thighs as the stretch fabric invisibly lifts your bum, giving you the rounded curves you desire.

3. Mid-Rise Sculpting Butt Lifter Shaper Shorts

For a beautiful backside and a sculpted figure, choose shapewear made with PowerSlim® firm compression fabric to sculpt your hips and bum. These shaper shorts have light microfiber panels and special MagicUp® bands to create a lifting effect in the back, while its mid-rise design provides extra coverage and tummy compression. Anti-slip SmartLace® leg bands slim the top of your thighs without rolling up. The soft microfiber lining and open gusset keep you comfortable while the shaper does its work, so you’ll feel lifted and confident all day long.

Butt Lifter Shaper Shorts

4. Firm Compression Butt Lifter Shaper Shorts

When you want firm compression, choose these shorts to sculpt your curves. These shaper shorts include the following:

  • PowerSlim® fabric flattens your tummy, sculpts your waist and smooths your thighs. 
  • The special bands, sheer back panels and a ruched center seam hug your backside and lift your buttocks. 
  • Super-flat leg bands prevent chafing and stay put without rolling up. 
  • A soft lining and a cotton gusset will keep you comfortable throughout the day.

5. Well-Rounded Invisible Butt Lifter Shaper Shorts

These invisible shaper shorts are designed to disappear under your most form-fitting clothes while creating a visible effect on your silhouette. Soft, ultra-light SkinFuse® fabric gently smooths your figure, while the sheer mesh backside and special MagicUp® bands boost your butt cheeks, and targeted compression panels slim your waist, hips and thighs. Triangle-shaped mesh cutouts allow you to move easily, and the no-slip leg bands won’t dig in or ride up. The cotton gusset and clever construction will keep you feeling fantastic every day of the week.

6. Firm Tummy Compression Shapewear Strapless Shorts With Butt Lifter

To sculpt your bottom with MagicUp® technology, choose these body-shaping shorts. PowerSlim® fabric, special butt-lifting bands and a ruched center seam lift and separate your cheeks for a naturally rounded look. SmartLace® leg bands with a silicone anti-slip grip lining stay in place and prevent chafing. A soft microfiber lining and open gusset will keep you comfortable, and the ultra-flat, fabric-lined hook-and-zip front closure will never show through your clothes or dig into your skin.

7. Extra High-Waisted Classic Butt Lifter Shaper Panty

Sometimes a classic, extra-high-waisted shaper panty is just the thing to make you feel fabulous. This shaper hits just below the bra, and it combines a thong-style back with lighter fabric over your derrière for a natural lifting effect. The PowerSlim® firm compression inner lining sculpts your tummy, sides and lower back to create a smooth silhouette. The shaper is held in place by flexible side and back boning, while discreet vertical seams refine your curves.

8. Firm Compression Body Shaper With Side Zippers

If you need a body shaper for daily or post-surgical wear that can also lift your booty, choose this firm compression shapewear with side zippers. The MagicUp® bands and microfiber fabric cutout provide a lifting effect without flattening your butt cheeks. PowerSlim® fabric sculpts your torso, while two flat, cotton-lined side hook-and-zip closures protect your skin. A soft inner lining and open gusset make this shapewear comfortable and easy to wear all day. SmartLace® anti-slip leg bands stay put, while removable and adjustable high-tech straps provide extra support and a perfect fit.

9. Invisible High-Waisted Capri Shaper

This high-waisted Capri shaper provides moderate compression from your waist to your mid-calf while letting you move freely. Lighter fabric and a thong detail give your backside a natural lift without flattening your butt. Targeted compression gives you a little extra support from your waist down to the sides of your torso, hips and legs. The soft, seamless SkinFuse® fabric stays invisible, even under your tightest-fitting garments.

10. Invisible Butt Lifter Full-Leg Body Shaper

This invisible full-body shaper has a butt-boosting design. Microfiber fabric and a specially shaped bottom provide a natural-looking lifting effect. Ultra-flat seams keep this shaper undetectable under fitted clothing. Soft, effective SkinFuse® fabric provides moderate, targeted compression from the waist to the ankle. The shaper strategically sculpts your torso and thighs for a beautifully enhanced look, while comfortable and removable straps provide adjustable levels of support.

11. Hook-and-Zip Mid-Calf Sculpting Body Shaper

Show off your curves and lift your buttocks with a high-coverage, firm-compression body shaper. The backside of this shaper has microfiber panels and specialty MagicUp® bands for a rounded lifting effect. The PowerSlim® firm compression fabric will sculpt your torso, thighs and upper calves for a sleek, streamlined look. For the perfect level of support, you can wear the thermofused straps over your shoulders, cross them over your back or remove them altogether. The cotton lining of the front hook-and-zip closure will protect your skin, while the open gusset and soft microfiber lining will keep you comfortable all day.

12. Firm Compression Boy Shorts Body Shaper with Butt Lifter and Front Hook-and-Eye Closure

These boy shorts body shaper features MagicUp® technology to lift your bottom. Microfiber fabric panels and special bands give your bum a natural boost with volume. The anti-slip SmartLace® leg bands won’t roll up over your thighs. This shaper sculpts your back, waist, tummy, hips and upper thighs to streamline your entire silhouette

In this high-coverage design, PowerSlim® firm compression fabric and strategically placed seams create an hourglass silhouette. An adjustable front hook-and-eye closure, open gusset and soft, adjustable, thermofused straps make this shaper easy to wear while providing a comfortable fit.

Shop Our Best Booty Enhancers and Build Your Perfect Silhouette

It’s easy to enhance your backside with the right shapewear, and a great butt enhancer will give you the boost you need to achieve an ideal figure. The best shapewear for women is made of high-quality fabric that effectively sculpts your body without sacrificing your comfort. Discover an entire collection of options that includes everything from full-body shapers to high-waisted panties to give you the perfect peach.

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