How to Tie a Bikini Top: 7 Creative Ways

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How to tie a bikini top 7 different ways - Leonisa

It’s so much fun to get dressed for a summer outing. Whether you’re headed to a party under the summer stars with your best friends or off to an alfresco brunch at your favorite restaurant, getting ready is always part of the fun. When it comes to those summer activities where you’re in the water or nearby, the process of getting ready takes on a whole new meaning.

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In these situations, your swimsuit is the star of the show. From flattering basics and solid colors to wild prints, cuts and styles, your suit can be a reflection of your personal style, creativity or current mood. Like any of your outfits, there are ways to switch things up with your bikini looks any time you wear them. Ready to spice things up and refresh your bikini style? Here are a few fun and creative ways to tie a bikini top, as well as a few tips to keep in mind when shopping for swimwear.

Versatile Bikini Styles

Before you start experimenting with different how to tie a bikini top, it’s important to know which bikini tops work best for showing different looks. Between print, cut, material and color variation, there are so many different styles of bikinis for women from which you can choose. Having said that, not all of them are ideal for creative twists and ties. Here, basic means better in terms of bikini style. Go for a bikini top with triangle cups and long, spaghetti-like strings as straps. It’s all good if your strings hang down even after being tied traditionally in the back because that leaves more room for creativity!

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Your bikini bottoms are not subject to the same criteria as the top, which means you can play around and mix different bottoms with a string bikini top if you like. However, it’s important to choose a pair of bikini bottoms that creates a cohesive look when paired with your chosen bikini top. You might choose a pair of bottoms that match your top perfectly or a pair that complements or balances the top. Once you’ve picked out the perfect suit, it’s time to try out a few different ties.

Eco Frindly Double Sided Bikini Top

1. Simple Criss Cross: If you’re looking to start off with an easy tie or you just prefer a clean, simple look, this method is perfect for you. Given that most styles of women’s bathing suits with string-like straps are highly adjustable, there should be more than enough strap length to complete this tying method with your own bikini top.

Start by tying the bikini top strap that runs around your rib cage where your bra band sits. Make sure it’s secure and relatively snug with a double knot, and then take one of the top straps in each hand. Instead of pulling them up around either side of your neck on the outside, cross the straps in front of the neck to make an X shape. Secure the criss cross shape by pulling the top straps down all the way to the rib cage strings and securing them there. This will give you a lifted effect and help your suit stay in place!

2. Make It Strapless: For all the tanning babes out there who love a day in the sun without chest tan lines, this one's for you. To convert your triangle bikini top into a strapless bandeau top, start by flipping the top upside down. Yes, you read that right! Secure what used to be the rib cage tie around the top of your breasts where you would like the top of the bandeau to sit.

At this point, the bikini triangles should be angled straight down towards your feet with the two neck strings hanging down. Taking one of these strings in each hand, cross them over each other just below the breasts and pull them around. Tie them together in the back and you have just created a fun, strapless bikini top look with a cute peekaboo effect in the middle.

3. One Shoulder Wonder: Dresses with a one shoulder element are chic and flattering, but did you know your bikini top can have the same effect? A one shoulder bikini tie has the power to take any simple or solid color bikini to the next level in just a few easy steps!

Begin by tying the bottom bikini string normally, making sure it is securely tied and held in place. Next, pull up the bikini triangles and take a top string in each hand. Instead of bringing one string to each side of the neck, pull both around one side to create the single shoulder element. Bring the strings down the shoulder and tie them together around the bottom string to secure the look. The one shoulder style pairs well with big sunglasses, a wavy side ponytail and a cute sarong skirt!

4. Necklace Top: Make a stylish splash with this fun and flirty method at the beach, by the pool or anywhere. Tie your bottom strings around your rib cage normally, and then bring one top string behind your neck and around the front again so the strap looks like a choker necklace. Tie the other top strap around the back of your neck normally and secure the look with a knot. This look might take a bit of adjusting to get the fit just right around your neck, but it looks so cool and effortless when it’s finished!

5. Monokini Tie: This method works best with a pair of high cut bikini bottoms that sit above the hips and a string bikini top with long, thin straps. Create a monokini-inspired look by tying your top strings normally around your neck and crossing the bottom strings around your back. Instead of securing the bottom strings in a bow or knot in the middle of your back, criss cross them at a downward angle and secure each string to the hip of your bikini bottoms on each side.

6. V Neck and Bow: You’ll love this flattering V shaped neckline paired with any print or color! To get this V shaped look in the front, begin by tying your bottom bikini strings normally. Make sure your back strings are secure around your rib cage and back, but not too tight.

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7. Easy T: Just as the V neck tying method flatters the front of your body, so does the T method, but with the back and shoulders. Define your back with this easy and fun T-shaped tie that looks great with any beach cover up!

Tips for Bikini Shopping

Now that we’ve discussed how to tie a bikini top, we want to share swimsuit shopping tips to keep in mind. Your bikinis should feel comfortable and secure no matter how you choose to tie them. That’s why it’s important to look for bikinis with a high level of adjustability. At Leonisa, we’re all about the perfect fit, which is why customizable features are included in our swimwear as well as our bras, women’s shapewear styles and more. A triangle top and g-string swimsuit is great for both adjustability and creative tying methods because it features string-ties on the top and bottoms as well as a sliding top feature that allows you to control bust coverage.

The swimwear industry has ignited a push towards sustainability and environmental consciousness as of late, and Leonisa is proud to be part of the global effort. Our selection of eco-friendly bathing suits includes both one- and two-piece swimsuits made partially of recycled plastic bottles! Utilizing recycled materials helps save water, conserve energy and reduce waste. Plus, our eco-friendly bathing suits are reversible so you can get multiple looks with one piece. Shop Leonisa swimwear and find your new favorite suit today!

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