How to make your breasts look smaller

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Make Your Breast Look Smaller

Typically, most everyone wants to make their breasts appear larger. Whether you feel like showing a little more skin by wearing a top or dress with a plunging neckline or turn up the drama with a padded push up bra, there are a number of different ways to make your boobs look larger, lifted and more defined.

What happens when you want to do the opposite, though? As with many other scenarios, it’s generally easier to add more than to take away, so you might be left wondering how to make it look like your breasts are a smaller cup size. To preface this, it’s important to know that you’re beautiful regardless of how large or small your breasts might be. However, it’s totally justified and normal to want to switch it up sometimes. For those with large breasts, your reasoning might be rooted in wanting to protect the girls from moving around too much during a workout or simply achieving a chic and stylish look. Whatever the reason, it’s important to put your well-being first and make the decision according to what’s best for you!

This guide is full of everything from facts and tips to specific examples of breast minimizing clothing. It can help answer your questions and help you decide on outfits, bras and more. Plus, you don’t need to do anything drastic (like endure scary surgical procedures) to try any of these recommendations or tricks. Here’s what you need to know about how to make your breasts look smaller.

Know Your Size

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Before you start thinking about how to make your breasts look smaller, it’s important to know your starting point. This is good for ordering specific bras and clothing so that the piece fits you correctly and does not present any immediate issues like bunching fabric, too-tight straps or pieces that dig into your skin. Knowing your bra size and measurements will help you make an informed decision when it comes to clothing or underwear that can work in your favor when trying to make your breasts look smaller.;

Since individual brand sizing can vary, go with specific measurements and have them on hand when ordering online. The best way to match your size is to consult the size chart measurements (which is usually found in the item description online) and choose the size that is closest to your unique measurements. Measuring your bra size with a tape measure will ensure a more informed and accurate fitting process.

Choosing the Right Bra for Smaller Looking Breasts

Once you know your bra size and can match yourself to a specific size using your measurements if needed, you can choose a bra that fits you impeccably. This avoids unnecessary fit problems like bra spillage or pushing on your breasts, which can actually make your boobs look even bigger in addition to adding discomfort.

Consider Minimizer Bras

It might be a no-brainer that padded bras with any amount of added push-up should be avoided when trying to make your breasts appear smaller. Though you might know to avoid push-up styles, choosing from the list of different bra types can be a difficult decision. The key is to choose a bra type that offers a strong amount of support without making the chest area look flat or crushed. While medium to firm compression is great for high impact activities and exercise, it can be uncomfortable and create an unwanted flattened look. Instead, look for fabrics and features like contour cups, layered material and maximum coverage.

Consider Leonisa’s minimizer bras your secret weapon when making your breasts look smaller. These bras are designed to reduce the appearance of your bust size by an entire inch using features such as contour cups, which cover the entire breast and work to decrease bust size. Some of our minimizer bras also feature a sleek smoothing effect to eliminate any bulges or bumps underneath clothing. It’s a multitasking piece that will not only make your breasts appear smaller, but also give you a smooth and sophisticated look.;

Choose Your Outfit Thoughtfully

In addition to wearing the right bra, your clothing can also help to minimize the size of your breasts. This doesn’t necessarily mean you need to wear clothing with lots of coverage or compression. Rather, think about how you might draw attention to other parts of your body or define the chest area without making it look bigger. For example, you might go for a look that defines your curviness but doesn’t give your chest area any extra lift. Try pairing a full cup bra, like our Full Cup Stretch Cotton Lace T-Shirt Bra, with a top or jumpsuit that features a v-neck in the front and cinches at your waistline. You’ll get the coverage and smoothing benefits from the bra while still being able to show your natural shape. Defining your waistline will help to balance out your shape and make your breasts look smaller.

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When it comes to choosing tops in general, your bra is going to help you out the most. As long as you have a supportive bra with triangle cups underneath, you won’t have to worry about your outer layers as much. Instead, think about how your top can define and accentuate your smaller-looking breast shape even more. Tops with a scoop or v-neck shape are always a good go-to because they are sure to define the area without making your torso look like an inverted triangle. If you want to incorporate a sleeveless top into the mix, know that thicker straps will help define your look and balance out your chest size, helping to keep your breasts looking smaller.

Another helpful tip to remember when dressing for smaller-looking breasts is to avoid overly flowy or shapeless styles on top. If you are most comfortable wearing a loose-fitting top, add in a belt or tuck the top into your pants to help define the curve of your waist. This way, you’ll still be able to wear a comfortable top that isn’t too tight while minimizing your chest size. Plus, you can wear a bra with more coverage that won’t show through the loose fitting fabric.

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Utilize Shapewear

If you’re looking for a little more definition and smoothing power in the torso area, take a look at some women’s shapewear options to help you get the look you want. While some shapewear styles don’t include bra cups, you can still get the waist definition you want from a slimming bodysuit or even an adjustable waist cincher. As always, go for a bodysuit or bra with triangle cups that will contour and smooth your chest to minimize the appearance of your breasts. Wearing shapewear underneath your clothes can help your breasts look smaller, define your other features and help create a smooth and sleek look!

Love Your Lingerie

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What about lingerie? If you’re wondering how to make your breasts look smaller while still rocking some lingerie, do no worry. You can absolutely look sexy for special or intimate occasions while still making your boobs look a little smaller. If you want to wear a sleek, sexy bra and lace panty combo, there are a few guidelines to remember. For your bra, make sure to avoid added push-up features. It’s also a good idea to pass on styles that include cups with thin fabric or lack support, as these elements can make your breasts look larger in size. Instead, go for a black or dark-colored bra with cups that offer ample coverage and light support or underwire. For a sexier look, shop for a bra with lace additions or mesh cutouts that will make your look feel more sophisticated. You can also add some matching lace panties with a high waist and high cut leg openings to define the rest of your curves.

Focus on YOU

When it comes right down to it, owning your natural size might be the best way to help your breasts look smaller. This seems like it would have the opposite effect, but really it’s all about how you carry yourself. Your posture can make a world of difference when it comes to how your breasts look. If your shoulders are hunched forward, your spine is curved forward and your neck leans down, your breasts will in turn look larger and droop down more because of your stance and folded posture.

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Instead, stand up with your back tall and straight. Think about keeping your neck in line with your spine and pulling your shoulders back and down without physically sticking your chest out. This might be more difficult than you think at first, and that’s okay! Leonisa makes multiple styles of back support bras that are designed to support your back and help you maintain good posture. PowerSlim® bands work within the shoulder straps to pull your shoulders down while crossed bands in the back help to pull them back, making you less likely to hunch or curve your shoulders and neck. It’s a discreet and comfortable option that can help you make a habit of good posture and make your breasts look smaller.

So, if you’re wondering how to make your breasts look smaller, we hope this guide is a good place to start. Just remember, at the end of the day, you look your best whenever you feel your best, so do whatever works for you!

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