Bra Size Calculator - How to measure your bra size?

If you are unsure of your bra size, we can help you find the perfect fit right here. To avoid altered measurements, wear an unpadded/lightly lined fitted bra.

Your bra size is a mix of 2 measurements:
Bra Size Calculator - Band Size
Step 1 Band size

Measure in inches just under your arms and above your illustrated

Bra Size Calculator - Bust size
Step 2 Bust size

Measure in inches the fullest part of your illustrated

Select your measurements in inches


Our recommendation:

Take your measurements at least 2 times every year
Or before buying a bra. This will guarantee a perfect fit!

8 out of 10 women don’t know their correct bra size. Are you one of them?

When we’re bra shopping, it’s common for us to choose the same size we’ve been wearing for years. However, your bra size can change with age, genetics, pregnancy/maternity, and other factors. When it comes to bras, wearing the correct size won’t only guarantee a perfect shape – it will also guarantee a comfortable fit that your body will appreciate.

Symptoms of an ill-fitting bra include: the appearance of “back fat”, back wings that ride up, and straps that dig into your shoulders. Look at the following images and videos. If these problems are all too familiar, keep reading to learn about how to find out your correct bra size.

Your bra is too small if…

  • It gives you back fat.
  • The back rides up.
  • The straps dig in.
  • Your breasts spill out.

Your bra is too big if…

  • There’s extra space in the cups.
  • It wrinkles.
  • The straps keep falling down.

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