What Color Swimsuit Is Most Flattering to Your Skin Tone?

Your swimsuit should help you put your best, most confident self forward. The best women's bathing suits provide comfort, style and support where you need it most. But what about color? How do you know which one to choose that will best flatter your specific skin tone? Although it's not an exact science, there are a lot of ways to determine what colors will complement your skin the most. In this article, we'll discuss how to know which color family you should stay in when swimsuit shopping and which ones to avoid. 

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Warm Versus Cool Undertones - The first question to ask yourself is what are the undertones of your skin's complexion? Whether you have a light, medium or dark skin tone, you may have unique undertones that can influence the way colors look against your body. What looks great on one person with a certain skin color may look completely different on another simply due to their slight variances in undertones. Learn how to identify your skin's undertones and what this means for you to find your perfect swimsuit. Typically, but not always, darker skin has warm undertones while lighter tones lean towards the cooler family. Whatever your undertone is, warm or cool, it can often be flattering to wear colors in that same family. For dark skin, warm reds and oranges usually look complementary. For lighter skin, blues and cooler colors often look good on you. The best way to find your individual undertone is to try different color families on the spectrum of warm to cool. Then try to notice what seems to bring out your best features and which ones seem to clash, wash you out or just look dull. Our bikinis for women come in all colors of the rainbow, so let us help you find the perfect, most flattering shade that suits you. 

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Contrast to Achieve That "Wow" Factor - Once you know what undertone family you're in, then you can play with different contrasting colors to see if they pop against your skin. In fashion, colors that are found the opposite of each other on the color wheel often go well together and most people find these combinations aesthetically pleasing to their eye. So if you have cool undertones, then a contrasting bright red or orange may look very flattering to give your look the "wow" factor. If you have warm undertones, then a deep jewel-toned blue or purple might look amazing against your skin. Avoid Tones Too Close to Your Skin Color - Whatever your skin tone is, it is best to avoid choosing swimwear or clothing that is too close to your complexion's color. Wearing shades in a nude tone close to your own color makes you appear washed out, muted and even sickly.  For pale tones, you want to avoid light pastels and pinks if you have pink undertones in your skin. The same goes for people with dark complexions, who should avoid dark brown or black clothing. Avoid looking one-dimensional and dull, and instead, opt for a complementary tone or perfectly contrasting color to best flatter your complexion.  Practice Makes Perfect - Due to the complexity and subtle differences of the various human skin tones, there is no overarching answer for who should wear what.  The best way to know for certain is to be aware of how colors look on you as you try out different ones. Check how you look in mirrors placed in different lighting conditions. Have friends take photos of you to compare how different bathing suit colors look against your skin. With practice and awareness, you'll learn what to look for and what to avoid. 

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To summarize, our human complexions come in a full spectrum of tones and undertones that are beautiful. In order to find the most flattering swimsuit color for you, learn what undertone family you belong in - whether it's warm or cool - and practice with contrasting colors to see what plays well with your skin.  At Leonisa, we have a wide array of color options, even in eco-friendly bathing suits, so you can find what works best for you. Just remember to avoid nude shades when shopping for swimwear. Play with color and find what pops!

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