10 Ways To Wear Shapewear With Lace

10 Ways To Wear Shapewear With Lace

Shapewear enhances the shape of your body when wearing skinny jeans, sleeveless or halter tops, pencil skirts and other wardrobe items. With a market crowded with various undergarment types with different purposes,  it isn't easy to decide which body shaper will fit your needs.

Leonisa shapewear for women can transform how your garments fit. We're here to help you learn how to pair your body shapers with your favorite outfits.

1. Skinny Jeans

Redefine your bottom and erase lines with shaper panties. A lace panty can give you a natural-looking butt lift. Its invisible design defines the tush in tight-fitting skinny jeans.

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When wearing shapewear, women must get the correct size. Although they are safe, doctors caution against wearing constricting shapewear that is too small or tight. Additionally, avoid prolonged wear of shapewear, specifically firm and extra-firm compressions.

2. Halter and Sleeveless Tops

Are you uncomfortable wearing halters, sleeveless tops, and other apparel that exposes your arms or back? Combine your halter top or sleeveless top with a pair of jeans or slacks and a strapless invisible bra. 

3. Mini Skirt

Pair your mini skirt with a panty shaper to slimline your body. You can choose from soft, moderate, or firm compression panties. Incorporate a low-cut blouse or top with a no-show or slimming supportive bra.

4. Slip Dress or Skirt

Keep your look as natural as possible by wearing a slip dress or skirt. Combine compression panties with a Florence Sheer Stripe Lace Unlined Wireless Bralette to achieve a flawless look. You could also choose full-bodysuit shapewear to prevent your garments from rising and slipping.

10 Ways To Wear Shapewear With Lace

5. Tight-Fitted Sweaters and T-Shirts

Wear a comfortable-fitting bra that shows no lines underneath your tight-fitted sweaters or T-shirts. Today's wireless bras offer support with a barely-there feel. For strength, elasticity, and durability, many wireless bras are made with polyamide and elastane.

6. Leather Pants

Whether you like to wear your skintight leather pants or with some room, pair them with super comfy or moderate compression shapewear or panties. When wearing tight leather pants, you might want a butt enhancer or a bodysuit undergarment. Leonisa bodysuit shapers are available in slimming high-waisted capri and other styles.

7. Sweater Knit Dress

During the fall and winter, many women love to wear sweater dresses. Wearing a knit dress reveals the shape of your body. Pairing your sweater knit dress with a body shaper is a solution when you need the back, waist and bottom support. If you do not need a butt lifter or waist shaper, a supportive lace bra and a pair of matching panties are simple to wear.

10 Ways To Wear Shapewear With Lace

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8. Pencil Skirt

Pencil skirts have been a trend for decades. These sleek-fitting skirts worn over lace shapewear or briefs can show off your curves. Shapewear caresses your body to create that hourglass figure. Some products offer thigh, waist, hip, and chest compression. Women who need help with the hourglass look can wear slimming or high-waisted shapewear.

9. Finely Knit Maxi Dress

Bodysuit shapewear worn under a finely knit maxi dress helps to create a shapely figure. Because the maxi dress comprises fine-knitted materials, there may be some visibility underneath. A bodysuit shaper gives you coverage.

10. Strapless Dress

Strapless dresses are fashionable any time of the year, including the holidays. Strapless bodysuit shapers are solutions for improving the fit of a strapless dress.

Where Can I Find Shapewear With Lace?

At Leonisa, we offer high-tech, intimate apparel, including shapewear and lingerie. You can select your desired compression: super comfy, moderate, firm, or extra-firm.  No-show and seamless undergarments, butt enhancers, daily wear, and plus size are all available. Explore and search our online collection of extra durable and stretchy SmartLace ® to meet your specific needs.


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