Smooth Your Sides: How to Hide a Muffin Top

Ugh, the dreaded muffin top! Great when you're enjoying a delicious baked good, not so great when you're trying to look cute and put-together. That extra weight around the tummy sags over pants and makes it nearly impossible to get that perfectly smooth and slim figure you've always wanted. If these sound like thoughts you've had in your life, you're definitely not alone'as much as 86 percent of women report feeling dissatisfied with their body, and the tummy is often cited as one of the main triggers.

In theory, with diet and exercise, the extra fat causing the dreaded overflow will quickly melt away, right? The truth is that, for women, stomach fat is extra-hard to shed, and there's a scientific reason for why. Generally, there's a higher amount of stubborn fat cells in the midsection. These cells don't respond as easily to breaking down as, say, the ones in the face and legs, causing them to hang out no matter how many miles you log on the treadmill. But, don't fret. The muffin top can be concealed if you know a few key tips and tricks!

Here's how to hide a muffin top no matter what you're wearing.

1. Know and Love Your Shapewear-Good-quality shapewear was practically made for those of us who feel insecure about our tummies, and that means it does an amazing job of creating a super-slim silhouette at the waistline. Gentle compression and structured fabric has the power to suck you in by inches, creating a shape no longer defined by the belly. But there are a few kinds of tummy-slimmers to try when hiding a muffin top specifically.

  • The Hip Shaper-Also known as a shaper panty or butt panty, the hip shaper is essentially a high-waisted control panty that sucks in the muffin top, creating a seamless butt, waist and tummy without the bulge.
  • The Bodysuit-A body shaper smooths and shapes multiple parts of the body at once. Choose one with a compressed midsection and straps to create a truly smooth, bulge-free silhouette.
  • Waist Cinchers-Waist cinchers do exactly what they sound like they would do-cinch your waist! That means they'll suck in any rogue fat, helping you create that perfect hourglass figure.

2. Always Go High-Waisted-Ladies, can we all just take a quick second to rejoice in the high-waisted bottoms trend? Mid- and low-rise jeans just weren't made for ladies with curves or any extra volume at the waist. Whether it's leggings, jeans, pencil skirts or even undies, go high-waisted. It's like the former first lady once said, "When they go low, we go high". A higher waist conceals the overhang, creating a smoother line between thighs, tummy and abdomen.

3. Skip the Skin-Tight Tops-Clingy, curve-hugging tops are not the best choice when you're trying to dial down the tummy. On the other hand, anything baggy or loose-fitting won't do you any favors, either. The best course of action here is to go for shirts that don't cling to the skin but still have structure. Boxy tops, anything linen and thicker knits are perfect for this purpose.

4. Go for a Longer Hemline-Crop tops may be the trendiest shirts of the moment, but that doesn't mean they're good for every figure (although, with the right pair of high-rise jeans, it may be a different story). If your main goal is to conceal the belly at all costs, you're going to want to pick out tops with a longer hemline. Tunics, boyfriend sweaters and longer button-ups can help you conceal and elongate the torso for a smoother look that makes you feel confident.

5. Choose Fun Shapes and Hemlines-Who says you have to draw attention away from the midsection for the best results? In fact, drawing the eyes there with a flattering, eye-catching peplum top will help create a nice silhouette that hides any extra weight but still feels flirty, feminine and shaped. The biggest thing to remember when choosing tops to conceal the bulge is to skip anything shapeless.

Rock Your Figure Proudly

We all want to improve the way we look, but don't forget to give yourself a little self-love while you're at it! Reminding yourself that everyone has insecurities and that your feelings are normal is a great way to ensure that you rock anything with confidence. With comfortable shapewear and some smart dressing tips, you can feel fabulous no matter what you're wearing.

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