The Best Shapewear Styles to Wear Under Jeans

Jeans are a staple of both the fashion world and our closets, and we love their versatility. However, jeans aren't the most forgiving garments, and they can sometimes highlight the very areas that you're trying to downplay. There are many different shapewear styles that can help, but it can be overwhelming to choose among them. Below, we walk you through three vital questions that you need to ask yourself in order to choose the perfect shapewear style to wear under jeans.

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Question #1: What areas do you want to control or highlight?

The first step to determining what shapewear to wear under jeans is to determine exactly what you want the shapewear to do. Are you trying to give your booty a lift, smooth out your tummy or both? It's also a good idea to determine how much compression you want and in what areas. If you want a temporary booty lift, butt enhancing shapewear will give you that boost that you're seeking without too much extra coverage. You'd wear them in place of your regular underwear. If you like that full coverage look and feel, there are also shaper short versions available that completely cover the cheeks and also the tops of the thighs, like our Mid-Rise Sculpting Butt Lifter Shaper Short. Some underwear also provides light tummy compression to smooth out lines so you don't get lumps under your clothes. However, shaping underwear cannot provide the more advanced compression that you would get from a girdle or a similar garment. If you're looking for some serious tummy control, you'll need to look into a girdle, waist cincher or even an open bust body shaper. These garments are made of thicker fabric that can provide more significant compression than the tops of shaper panties. If you want both a booty boost and a tummy flattening effect, there are also extra high-waisted shaper "panties" that rise all the way to the bra, smoothing the entirety of the stomach, such as our High-Waisted Girdle with Butt Lifter Benefit. While most women are focused on their tummy and booty, some also want compression support on their thighs or the full length of their legs. For those looking for support from their waists to their ankles, a product such as our best-selling Invisible Body Shaper with Leg Compression and Butt Lifter will help them get the look they want. 

Question #2: How high is the waistband of your jeans?

In general, you want the waistband of your shapewear to be the same rise as your jeans. So you'll want high-rise shapewear if you're wearing high-rise jeans, and low-rise shapewear if you're wearing low-rise jeans. This enables you to get that smooth look under your clothes without dealing with any uncomfortable overlap. Now, there may be some cases where you want to wear shapewear with a higher waist than your jeans. Some women prefer more tummy control and seek out a waistline that hits at their natural waist or even at their natural bra line, much higher than their jeans. In this situation, opt for lighter colored shapewear that won't show under your clothes and get a style that has a tapered waistband that will lay flat against your stomach. You don't want a weird line right across your stomach!

Question #3: How tight are your jeans, and how thick or thin is the material?

Sometimes, shapewear will show through your clothes if you're not careful, especially if you opted for a thicker compression fabric with seams. This is why you need to examine your jeans to determine whether or not the shapewear will show through. Generally speaking, tighter jeans will show seams and other lines more easily than a looser cut. Jeans made of thin material, such as stretch jeans, will also show lines more easily.

If you like thinner and/or tighter jeans, look for shapewear that will disappear under your clothes. Particular features to keep an eye out for include thinner compression fabrics, seamless designs, laser-cut edges and no-roll fabric technology. If you like to wear jeans that are basically leggings, then look for shapewear similar to our best-selling Truly Undetectable Comfy Panty Shaper, which will help prevent seams from showing.

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At Leonisa, we sort our shapewear by area of concern so you can find the perfect shapewear to go under your jeans. If you can't find exactly what you're looking for, don't be afraid to contact our expert consultants via phone or chat, or to
schedule an appointment with one of our Personal Shoppers at a time that's convenient for you.

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