How Often Should You Buy New Underwear?

Sometimes we cling to our favorite tried-and-true underwear (even when it clings on to us by a thread). Whether it has a cute pattern or just the perfect fit across the cheeks, there are many reasons women simply can't depart with that certain pair of panties. To some, throwing away underwear (and even bras) feels wasteful. Clinging on by a thread may be an exaggeration, but how do you truly know when it's time to switch out your old, faithful panties for a new pair of undies? (Which, by the way, may also become another favorite.) From common tell-tale signs to taking proper care of each pair and practicing good underwear hygiene, Leonisa breaks it all down for you. Exactly how often should you buy new underwear? Here's our professional advice on when to let go and how to keep your best underwear lasting as long as possible.

Exactly How Often Should You Buy New Underwear?

So, how often should women buy new underwear? That depends and relies on a few factors. However, as a general rule of thumb, your underwear collection should be replenished every six months to one year. This fluctuation can vary tremendously depending on how many pairs of underwear you own and how well you take care of them. Count how many pairs of underwear you own and toss out anything that appears past its prime. Also, keep in mind that you don't have to purchase an entire collection of underwear at the same time. As most women invite new pairs of panties and underwear into their drawers, they say goodbye to older pairs. But how do you know which outdated pair to toss?

How Do You Know When It's Time To Replace Underwear?

 You'll know it's time to buy new underwear when you notice these three tell-tale signs. They're pretty unmistakable, so you can't turn a blind eye.
  • Stretching -- Stretched out fabrics and elastics are a major sign your underwear is a goner. If your underwear can no longer hold itself up and tends to shift along your waist--buy new underwear!
  • Fading -- Sad to say, but if you can no longer see the cute pattern, it's time to retire the pair. It may be the reason you bought them in the first place, but we promise there are cute patterns and prints out there today.
  • Body Changes -- Your body is incredible and goes through tons of changes in life! If you start to notice your underwear fitting too tight or too loose, you probably need to go up or down a size, depending on your situation. The right size underwear will offer both the comfort and coverage you're looking for.
If any of these instances are happening to you, it's time to start looking for a brand-spanking-new pair of underwear for your booty, ladies!

How To Take Care Of Underwear And Make Them Last

So how can you avoid having to say good-bye to your favorite pair of undies too soon? The good news is you can keep your new underwear lasting longer with some gentle, extra care. Just follow these additional tips and tricks.

Wash Underwear on a Gentle Cycle

Use a lingerie bag and clean on a delicate wash cycle for the best path to panty preservation. To extend the life of your underwear, from dainty laces to cottons, always wash your garments in a lingerie bag. Remember to set your cycle to either cool or warm and always use a gentle detergent! To care for even more dainty underwear styles, wash by hand in room temperature water. If hand-washing and a delicate cycle are not enough, allow your undies to soak for 45-minutes or so before carefully rinsing them out. Lastly, try to avoid the dryer and lie your underwear out flat on a towel to soak up excess moisture. Then, hang your underwear on a drying rack. Dryers tend to dry out certain fabrics like lace, which will cause the elasticity to weaken over time.

Rotate Your Undies

Besides your washing and drying routine and techniques, your underwear rotation is just as essential to keep them lasting. Many women are guilty of wearing underwear longer than necessary. Definitely don't wear thongs longer than one day. They aren't meant to be worn for long periods of time because any sweat that reaches a certain unmentionable area can potentially lead to yeast or bacterial infections. In general, when you find new underwear you love, make sure you don't wear it out too quickly. Show some love by giving the elastic bands and delicate fabrics a break. Instead, if you love the style that much, consider purchasing multiple pairs!

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