3 Front Closure Bra Problems and How to Solve Them

3 Front Closure Bra Problems and How to Solve Them


While everyone has their own go-to sexy bra style, it's a good idea to keep an open mind and explore your options. In doing this, you might just find yourself loving another type of bra that gives you a different look for certain occasions. If you haven't already tried a front closure bra, it's definitely worth trying so you can see for yourself. Though you might think that wearing a front closure bra automatically subjects you to a set of bra fitting problems many women associate with this particular bra type, the truth is that a great fit and a few good tips will help eliminate these issues. Here are some common front closure bra problems and how to solve them.

Problem #1: Your Front Closure Bra Band Doesn't Fit Correctly

Because front closure bras do not typically have a set of adjustable hooks in the back, customizing the band fit around the rib and back areas looks a little different. Don't worry - it's still possible to get a secure, comfortable fit with a front closure bra. It's all about looking for the best fit. 

Solution: Try a Different Size

A great fitting bra will make your breasts feel supported and offer ample coverage. It won't dig into your shoulders, back or armpits and shouldn't leave red marks on your skin. When shopping for a front closure bra, you can ensure a flattering and comfortable fit by sizing down in the band, but not the cups. This will especially help you if you wear your other bras with the back hooks on the tightest set. A simple size change can make all the difference, and since there are no rear hooks or clasps, you can say goodbye to bumps and texture beneath your clothing!

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Problem #2: You Get Spillage with Your Front Closure Bra

Bra spillage is one of the most annoying bra problems because it can be seen without clothing and underneath your outfit. Thankfully, this issue is easily avoidable and can be fixed if it's already happening to you. 

3 Front Closure Bra Problems and How to Solve Them


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Solution: Make an Adjustment

If you're shopping for a new front closure bra, make sure to look out for cups that might create an unnecessary pull at the top and make it look like your breasts are spilling out of the cups. You want a cup that offers enough support, but not too much compression near the top. Many of Leonisa's contour cup bras are made with DuraFit ® fabric and mesh accents at the top of the cups, giving you a secure fit where you need it and not where you don't! 

Problem #3: You Don't Get Enough Support with a Front Closure Bra

Perhaps the most common front closure bra issue is that they're lacking in support. Therefore, women with larger breasts tend to stay away from the style. There are indeed minimal support front closure bras out there (which are great for small-breasted, petite women), but you can totally get maximum support with this type of bra as well. 

3 Front Closure Bra Problems and How to Solve Them


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Solution: Look for Key Support Elements 

It's important to know what to look for when shopping for front closure bras, including which features can enhance overall support. You can count on reliable additions like underwire, wide straps and a thicker band to help bump up the level of support on a front closure bra. 

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    I am looking for a front closure underwire bra for my wife that comes in a size 50D that has a metal hook & not a plastic hook.

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