Can Wearing Shapewear Reshape Your Body Permanently?

 We often get questions and comments from women centered around the concept that shapewear is capable of reshaping their bodies into a particular desired result. And then there's also the shifting organ scare, where women raise concern over what exactly shapewear is doing to their bodies. So, we want to clear up the subject and discuss how exactly shapewear is intended to work. We also wish to debunk some myths surrounding the dreaded displaced internal organs and provide the final word on whether wearing shapewear can reshape your body into a slimmer, more aesthetically pleasing silhouette. Now to answer this question: Can shapewear truly reshape your body?

How Shapewear Is Intended to Work

Shapewear undergarments will help you shave a few inches off and attain a more desired and attractive silhouette. With various amounts of compression, our shapewear can help smooth trouble areas such as love handles, belly pooches, muffin tops and so on. They create an instantly slimming, firm control beneath your attire. When you take your shapewear off, your silhouette remains the same. However, what you need to understand is that shapewear alone cannot permanently flatten a tummy or reshape your body. It's only a part of a whole solution, but it can be an inspirational catalyst that drives you to find a more permanent solution. For a long-term plan to slim down-using additional methods such as a healthy diet and exercise routine-shapewear can reshape your body. The most notable shapewear for this is waist trainers.

The Shifted Organ Myth

One common misconception is that shapewear can shift and displace internal organs. While this sounds a bit frightening, it's more of a myth and we wish to debunk these concerns. This painful sounding misconception derives from stories of those who have used extreme waist trainers or even steel-boned corsets. We advise against these extreme contraptions and recommend a more gentle, step-by-step approach to reshaping your body. If you choose to wear an extra-firm compression waist trainer, we suggest wearing it for eight hours at the very most.

Reshape Your Body Gradually

If you want to reshape your body, a waist trainer or cincher is the best shapewear option. But first and foremost, there are a few tips we advise you follow to achieve the most long-lasting result. To reshape your body, we recommend doing so gradually and abiding by these four commandments:
  • Ensure you have selected the proper size. Always measure your body and reflect back to our sizing guide.
  • Avoid wearing your shapewear for extended periods of time, especially if it is a waist trainer. Instead, you want to ease your body gradually into it at a slow pace.
  • For waist trainers, it's important to be aware that it may take a few days or weeks for your body to grow accustomed to it. However, should you feel any pain or discomfort, it may be time to try a different size.
  • Lastly, you want to ensure you're hydrating enough and adapting to your physical activities. With waist trainers especially, you will sweat more prolifically so drink up!
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Shapewear for Better Posture

If you want to reshape your body a different way, try a posture girdle. Wearing a posture girdle or a waist trainer with proper compression, for instance, can straighten your back over time. Whether you wear a waist trainer while you're walking on the treadmill or a posture girdle while sitting for long hours at a desk during work, either shapewear can be beneficial in helping to correct your posture gradually. Women who tend to sit at a desk all day, especially, can use a posture girdle to keep from slouching, which can often lead to more severe back problems in the future.

A better posture not only exudes confidence to others, but makes you feel confident in yourself, too. By standing up tall and straight, you can feel empowered and self-assured, like the woman you are.

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Ultimately, shapewear is capable of gradually reshaping your body. However, it needs some help and persistence on your end. When you put on a waist trainer, allow yourself to feel amazingly sexy in it, but don't take it for granted. Help it do its thing by putting forth the extra effort. Head to the gym to get in some exercise and eat a more nutritious diet. Remember to drink lots of water, too! Think of shapewear as a tool to help you achieve the silhouette you seek, understanding that it takes solid effort, too.

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