Fact or Fiction: Does Wearing a Bra Prevent Sagging?

Fact or Fiction Does Wearing a Bra Prevent Sagging

During my time as a bra wearer, widespread discussion on the subject of bras has touched on a few popular topics. I remember the “to bra or not to bra” trend, when I gave serious thought to getting rid of my bras altogether. That didn't happen, but I did switch some of them out for lounge bras and a few bralette styles when they first became popular and the bra conversation was all about comfort.

More recently, however, science has entered the chat and posed a few of its own questions for bra wearers like you and me to ponder, like whether or not going braless can be a bad thing. Experts seem to be torn on the subject, by the way.

Aside from the possible negative side effects of not wearing a bra at all, there's also the ever-present debate that centers around the preventative benefits that are believed to be associated with wearing a bra regularly. For women with large breasts, wearing a supportive bra can help distribute weight evenly and keep excessive breast movement at bay. A bra can protect sensitive breast skin, especially after surgery or while a woman is breastfeeding.

Though these tips might encourage you to wear a bra more regularly,you might still be wondering: does wearing a bra prevent sagging? The answer is a bit complicated, so let me explain.

Though these tips might encourage you to wear a bra more regularly, you might still be wondering: does wearing a bra prevent sagging? The answer is a bit complicated, so let me explain.

Does Wearing a Bra Prevent Sagging: The Truth

I'm not going to tell you that wearing a bra is going to prevent any kind of breast sagging. I'm also not going to tell you that there is absolutely no correlation between the two. The truth is that while a bra can absolutely be a helpful aid in the process of preventing breast sagging, it's also not the only factor you need to consider.

Breast sagging may be an annoying thing for you (and lots of other women out there!), but it's no reason to panic or believe you have a serious health issue. Instead, it's a reminder of the way our incredible human skin adapts and works with different factors. Breast sagging is super common among women who have lost weight in recent months or within a short time frame. Weight loss can leave the breasts with a saggy appearance and a few stretch marks, too, but both of these are completely normal.

Sagging breasts are also common among smokers, breast cancer survivors and those who have been overexposed to the sun's damaging UV rays. All of these cause the tissue around the breasts to weaken and break down, which creates the appearance and shape of sagging breasts.

Sagging is a side effect of more than a few things that can happen within our bodies. Simply not wearing a bra is not going to have a direct impact on that. However, your favorite bra can be used to prevent certain types of tissue damage or breakdown that might contribute to sagging. That's right. I'm talking about your workouts and other forms of high impact activity!

If a bra can prevent any kind of sagging, it's the kind that is caused by jumping, running and other extreme forms of movement. Know that wearing a bra is considered a preventative measure in situations like these, but breast sagging is mostly a result of voluntary habits, nature and your unique and unchangeable genetics.

Top Bra Styles for Sagging Breasts

Even if you haven't recently lost a bunch of weight or beaten cancer, it's still normal to notice stretch marks and breast sagging. You can thank gravity and your parents for that. All jokes aside, breast sagging is super common and is definitely not something that needs to be hidden or constantly covered! However, it's understandable to want their previous shape.

Thankfully, there are many different types of bra details that can help you get a pre-sagging breast shape in an instant. The options include styles with lots of coverage and shaping power to more natural styles that feature a more simple design. Here are the best bras to wear if you have sagging breasts:

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Full Coverage Bra

Sagging breasts are no match for a full coverage bra that works to smooth, support and shape your breasts to perfection. A full coverage bra differs from a regular underwire bra because it does more. Full coverage bras feature strong underwire, molded breast cups for shaping power and an overall design that prevents spillage and unwanted movement.

At Leonisa, we only offer the best when it comes to full coverage bra styles. Our signature PowerSlim® fabric offers light compression to smooth the underarms and back while making any amount of breast sagging virtually undetectable.

Posture Corrector Bra

If you believe your breasts sagging is all thanks to your large cup size, a posture corrector bra might be the best option for you. Even if your posture isn't necessarily bad, the sections of double layered DuraFit® fabric help keep the shoulders back and down to make the breast area instantly and naturally lifted. Additionally, Leonisa's posture corrector bras feature high coverage, contoured cups to help maintain a lifted, rounded breast shape during wear.

Though getting rid of sagging breasts may not be quite as easy as standing up straight, it's a step in the right direction for naturally fixing them. Along with your posture corrector bra and other full coverage options, make sure to maintain good posture while sitting and standing, eat nutritious foods and try out exercises that target the connective tissue around and beneath the breasts.

Sports Bra

Wearing a bra during any kind of workout is super important because it can help protect your breasts and prevent tissue in the breast area from tearing or breaking in the meantime. When it comes to the best bra for sagging breast problems, a sports bra makes a good case for itself.

Sports bras are meant to offer a layer of protection as well as ample support and a bit of compression. They are typically made with a thicker material and offer more coverage than a traditional, everyday bra. The compression element in particular helps to keep breast movement or bouncing to a minimum during physical activity so there's no harm done. Sports bras are a great option for sagging breasts during exercise, lounging and any form of casual activity!

Push Up Bra

In need of some serious lift? It's time to call in the big guns, also known as the classic push up bra style. A push up bra features traditional molded bra cups with an extra portion of material or foam toward the bottom of the cup. Depending on how big that bottom portion is, the breasts will be lifted more than they normally would be if they were sitting in regular molded bra cups.

If you have sagging breasts, push up bras can be an everyday luxury or a special occasion garment. They offer the most dramatic change in breast shape and also enhance cup size to make your breasts appear larger. Try out a push up bra for results you can see!

Wearing a bra the benefits

The Best Benefits of Wearing a Bra

The decision to wear a bra or not is yours and yours only. Some days, you might feel best without one, in which case you should totally rock your braless style, all sagging and stretch marks included. Not wearing a bra can give you a much-needed break from snug shoulder straps, fitted underbust bands and more, allowing your skin to breathe and your breasts to move freely.

However, it's also important for me to note the added benefits that come along when you do wear a bra! The most noticeable benefit is that a bra can help instantly create a different breast shape or size. Bras can give you support where you need it and, with most styles, won't cover too much or show outside of your clothing. Wearing a bra can help large breasted women feel more secure in the chest area, distribute breast weight evenly and even help minimize breast movement while sleeping.

If you have sagging breasts or want to prevent them, your journey starts where you are now. Work with what you have, make healthy decisions and wear the bras that make you feel best!