What To Wear Under a Short Dress

Boyshort Underwear


It can be challenging to figure out what to wear under a short dress. You likely don’t want an item that peeks out from under the hem of the dress, yet you want to wear something that provides enough coverage. There are a surprising number of choices you can wear that can be ideal for sporting under knee-length and higher garments, and we’re here to help you learn more about them.

Boyshort Underwear

Boyshort underwear falls at a length that’s shorter than bicycle shorts. They’re body-clinging, and some offer shaping features. This underwear is typically extremely comfortable and — depending on the material — can have the hems of the legs adjusted up or down without getting exceptionally bunchy. They also usually won’t ride up or be uncomfortable. At Leonisa, you’ll find boyshorts available in a multitude of hues, from neutrals to black as well as soft shades, making them ideal for complementing short dresses in any color.

Biker Shorts

Biker shorts have longer leg hems than the previously mentioned boyshorts, so unless you want the ends to show, you’ll likely find yourself wearing them with short dresses that are still on the longer side. In addition to coverage, biker shorts will provide chafe prevention. These are also available in various colors, but if you’re looking for versatility, consider opting for a black pair. You can wear biker shorts under a short dress one day and on their own with a top another day.


Many types of shapewear would be ideal for wearing under a short dress as they provide a smoother look to your hips, thighs, stomach and booty, depending on the style you choose. Avoid options like full-body shapewear or knee-length shapewear, as it will be visible under a short dress.

Make sure to choose a color of shapewear that won’t show through the fabric of the short dress. For instance, if you’re wearing a pastel pink dress, the hue of black shapewear will likely show through whereas nude or white shapewear wouldn’t. You also want to consider opting for a seamless shapewear style if the dress is form-fitting, especially if the dress is a light shade.

Boyshort Underwear

Opaque Tights

Don’t put away your short dress just yet when chilly weather rolls around. Wear opaque tights underneath, and not only do you have extra coverage under the garment, but they can help keep your legs and feet warm even when it’s cold outside. Chilly weather options can range from thermal styles to fleece-lined. During spring and summer, you can switch back to opaque styles without the extra warming capabilities. Black is the most versatile hue you can wear, as these tights can complement many of the short dresses in your wardrobe, giving you much more time to wear the ensembles beyond spring and summer.

Bikini Underwear or Hipster Underwear

Many mistake bikini underwear for hipster underwear and vice versa, but the former has less coverage on the hip areas and sits lower on the waist. Many women love our selection of bikini and hipster styles, while others prefer our panties that offer a little more coverage on the stomach area. If you fall into the “love” category, then you can find these two style options in every color possible and a slew of patterns, including polka dots, stripes and florals.

If you’re wearing these types under a short, form-fitting dress, check that no parts of the design will show through the fabric. For example, if the underwear has bows on the hips or has a thicker waistband, they may create small visible bumps. Seamless styles are available and are a perfect option, giving you the ability to wear the kinds you adore without them showing through your dress fabric.

Pair the underwear with a super cute matching lace bralette to create a fabulous set. Buy pieces you love so that if you’re having a tough day and you’re not feeling like your already fantastic self, they can give you a boost of confidence and sexiness that you may need to get you through.

Boyshort Underwear


Leggings are another option to consider wearing under a short dress, not only because they can double as flattering shapewear, but also because they’re perfect for extending how long you can wear the dress into the colder weather. Some ladies prefer wearing the leggings without showing any leg at all, as in they’ll wear the leggings under a short dress and pair the look with mid-calf, knee-high or thigh-high boots so the hem of the leggings gets tucked into the boots and paired with socks. The full-leg layering and high boots would make this an ideal option for fall and winter. If you’re planning on wearing this outfit when the temperatures turn chilly, opt for fleece-lined leggings for that added layer of warmth.

During spring and summer, you can obviously skip the heavy footwear and fleece in favor of options like ballet flats and heels yet still wear leggings under a short dress. On warmer days, you may want to forgo the long leggings and think about capri-style leggings. They still give you the extra coverage while being a little lighter for the season.

Keep in mind that not all leggings are opaque, so if your goal is to have extra coverage, make sure you’re choosing the right kind. Checking in the sunlight before you go out anywhere can be a good idea just to ensure you’re getting the coverage you want without any surprises while you’re already out and about.


Wearing a skirt under a short dress may sound odd, but it’s actually a great way to add a little length when you want to sport the dress, but you feel it’s too short for you. It’s also a temporary option, so you don’t need to have an extra fabric sewn onto the hem of your short dress, and you can mix and match the styles and colors of the skirt you wear underneath.

For example, let’s say you have a short, white A-line dress you want to model for the holidays, but you would prefer it to be a little longer. Consider sporting a second complementary red A-line skirt (or one in another color) underneath the short dress, one with a hem that falls at your preferred length and peeks out perfectly from under the garment.

Carefully measure or confirm the length measurements of the skirt you want to wear underneath and do the same for the short dress. This can help you plan both accordingly so that they look as if they’re working as a team rather than as if the two styles, materials and colors are working against each other.

Plan Your Underneath Options Ahead of Time

If you have a collection of short dresses you want to wear throughout the year and want to ensure you have something comfortable to sport underneath each one, it’s ideal to prepare ahead of time. Whether it’s buying your preferred style of shapewear, biker shorts or another option entirely, having a collection of these items guarantees you’ll always feel like you have enough coverage. Start shopping with us at Leonisa now so that the next time you want to wear a short dress, whether it’s still during the colder months or when the weather turns warm, you’re already prepared with several fabulous outfits in mind.

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