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Petite Bras from Leonisa, Bras Designed for Petite Frames
People come in all shapes and sizes, and we make bras for literally all of them. One of Leonisa's specialties is petite bras, or bras for petite women. If you're a little smaller on top, we have bras designed to give you the confidence, coverage, support, and style you've been looking for all your life. Our bras for petite frame are specially designed to flatter your smaller frame. Whether you're looking for a little support, for a bralette, or for a push-up bra to add some extra volume, you're in the right place! Shop Leonisa's amazing petite bras for smaller frames and embrace your style in bras designed specially for you. The cups are designed with a little less depth, designed to perfectly accomodate you without gapping or any of the other uncomfortable issues that you may find when you try to wear bras that aren't made for you.
Our high-tech bras for petite frames feature built-in confidence so that you can take on the world in style and also fall in love with your curves all over again. Our petite bras come in a wide range of styles: lace, smooth, basic colors, prints, seasonal colors, matter what design you're looking for, we know we have something you will fall in love with. Not only that, we also have strapless, wireless, underwire, push-up, bralettes, pull-over bras, and so much more. Most importantly, our petite bras were designed specially for you - each piece you choose is all yours, to show off or to keep a secret, whatever your heart desires. Choose your favorite bra and wear it whenever you need to start your day with a boost of confidence. Flatter, enhance, highlight, and exalt your curves in Leonisa's bras for petite women!