What Are Boy Shorts?

If you've been wearing traditional underwear all your life and have never considered anything else, let us introduce you to an underwear style that deserves your attention: boy shorts. In this guide, we explain what boy shorts are and when to choose this comfortable, full coverage underwear style.

What Are Boy Shorts?

Boy shorts are modeled off men's boxer shorts; however, they are made of thinner, more form-fitting fabric that hugs your curves. Boy shorts traditionally have a mid-rise waist that falls beneath the belly button and full coverage legs that extend past the hips and usually end at the upper or mid-thigh. They offer the most coverage out of all women's panty styles and are perfect for those looking for less revealing underwear. Boy shorts do have a more unisex styling sensibility, but you can still find boy short designs that are more feminine if that's what you prefer. While boy shorts usually have a mid-rise waist, sometimes you can find both low- and high-rise waists. Boy shorts legs are also available in different lengths, with the shortest ending right below the crotch of the underwear and the longest extending down to mid-thigh. We offer several different styles of boy shorts at Leonisa so you can choose your ideal level of coverage.

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When to Choose Boy Shorts

There are many reasons to choose boy shorts. The first and most obvious is the higher level of coverage that they provide. If you're looking for underwear that isn't super revealing, boy shorts are the perfect choice for you. Because the legs extend down past your booty cheeks, you also don't have to worry about the dreaded VPLs (aka visible panty lines), which is an added bonus.

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Because of the extra coverage, boy shorts can also help you get rid of some unnecessary layers down there. For instance, if you normally
wear bike shorts over your underwear beneath your dresses, you can simply wear boy shorts and eliminate a layer. Boy shorts are also perfect for lounging around or working at home if you don't want to wear an extra layer (though you should still throw on some exercise shorts over them if you're going out in public). Boy shorts are also a great choice in the colder months for wearing underneath layers such as thermal underwear and leggings. The design ensures that the underwear won't bunch or ride up beneath your layers, which can be uncomfortable and cause chafing. Plus, the extra fabric of the shorts themselves will help you stay even warmer. Speaking of underwear bunching, if you find that other styles of underwear bunch or chafe, then a more full coverage style such as boy shorts will help it stay in place no matter how active you are. Make sure to measure yourself properly before choosing a size of boy shorts. Underwear that is too small or large will cause issues no matter what style they are.

Boy shorts are also a good choice if more revealing or stereotypically "feminine" underwear styles don't appeal to you. Boy shorts are usually (though not always) more unisex and practical looking, which is ideal for those looking for that style. On the other hand, if you prefer more cheeky panties, then boy shorts probably won't be the style that you're looking for. You'd probably like a hipster or bikini cut, or maybe a thong if you're feeling extra revealing. If you want more coverage in the waist but not necessarily on your legs, then consider high waisted panties instead. At Leonisa, we sell a wide range of women's panties in many different styles and sizes to suit every preference, from thongs to boy shorts. We recommend having several different styles of panties on hand so that you can choose one depending on your outfit and your mood of the day. Even if you don't normally wear boy shorts, having a couple of pairs in your closet for days when you want a little more coverage is a good idea. Shop our boy shorts today and find your new favorite pair of underwear.

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