4 Reasons Your Bra Straps Keep Falling

Bras are a standard requirement for many women. They can be essential in how clothes fit and feel on your body. Yet we still find ourselves wearing bras with straps that fall all the time despite our best efforts to keep them in place. Whether you use a standard bra or a big fancy contraption with all sorts of straps, hooks, and clasps, it's likely those straps will eventually slip down again, no matter what you do. Here are four reasons why your bra straps keep falling. 

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1. You Are Wearing a Bra With an Incorrect Cup or Band Size

The most common reason a woman's bra straps fall down is her incorrect cup or band size. Bras are designed with specific measurements that consider cup and band size. Unless you measure yourself with a tape measure or use some sizing tool, you can't be sure how your bra will fit in real life until you try it on. The most common way to figure out how to determine bra size is to measure around your rib cage under your breasts. The size you get from that measurement is the size of the band. Measure from the bottom of one breast to the other, beneath your arms and above your bust, and compare that to the sizes listed on bras that are similar to what you're looking for.

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2. The Bra Has Aged and Lost Its Elasticity Within Its Straps

Since bras are made of elastic material, they can stretch over time and lose their ability to stay in place. In addition, bra elastic can lose its elasticity if it becomes dry or gets too hot when exposed to direct sunlight for too long. You should also remember that bras come in different materials; if you own a sheer bra with lace, this could also be an issue. Bras for women with thinner materials tend to stretch out over time, so it's essential to check your bras regularly to make sure they still fit correctly. Knowing how to wash your bra is also necessary.

3. You Are Wearing a Bra Style That Isn't Suited to Your Figure

When it comes to bras, there are a ton of different styles available. Some styles will work for certain body types and not for others. It's essential to find a bra that works with your body type. For example, if you have fuller breasts, you may have trouble finding bras that work well for your figure. If you've been pregnant, you may want to look at wearing sports-inspired bras because they tend to be more comfortable than most traditional bras while still giving you the support you need. 

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4. The Straps Are Not Adjusted Properly

Ensure that you adjust all of your straps so that they are tight enough to support your breasts without falling at any time. This may mean adjusting the straps more often than you would normally if you tend to wear your bra for extended periods.

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When it comes to knowing why you are having trouble keeping your bra straps from falling down, you have to find the actual reason behind that problem. A general problem with your cup or band size may be that your bra is too large or too small. Again, take some measurements if you just want to find out what size bra would fit you best.

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