Fashion for Curvy Ladies: How To Accentuate Your Figure

It is every woman’s desire to look and feel good. As a curvy woman, you can pick from hundreds of choices that can make you look good, giving you great confidence.

While it may be challenging for some people to find the right clothing for their body types (such as dresses, tops, bras and thongs for women), you can accentuate your figure by applying some basic tricks. Here are a few tips on how you can choose the right outfits to showcase your curvy figure.

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Know Your Body Shape

This may sound obvious, but knowing your body shape is the most important thing you need to know. You may know that you are curvy, but there are also other different body shapes that fall under that category you need to know about. Some of the curvy body shapes include pear shape, spoon shape, hourglass shape and strawberry shape. Knowing your body shape will help you choose the right clothes to emphasize your best features.

Choose the Right Size and Cut

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It is always preferable to wear fitted clothes as they show your curves well. If you were to wear loose-fitting clothes, they would hide most of your features. Opt for clothing that accentuates your figure while also providing a comfortable and well-fitted look.

It's important to select clothes that fit well, but it's equally important to avoid excessively tight clothing. Clothing that is too tight may prove uncomfortable, which may dent your confidence.

Stick to Tried-and-Tested Outfits

Finding the outfits that work for your body type may be a journey. It is therefore important to fill your wardrobe with the types of clothing that you already know make you look great. Such clothing always inspires confidence in you as you are already familiar with the look.

From time to time, you may experiment and try new trends. However, you should never discard what already works for you since you can easily revert to it without worry.

Wear a Belt

Most curvy people have small waists. As a result, oversized clothes overshadow their features. A belt can be a great accessory as it helps bring out your small waist and show your curves to great effect.

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If you feel that you want your waist to be sculpted even more, you can use a waist trainer to help you get the curvy look you want.

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Wear Tailor-Made Clothes

It is often a chore to find clothes designed for your body type. Ill-fitting clothing can have a negative effect on your look and confidence. To accentuate your curves, you can work with a tailor to adjust your clothing to fit your body shape.

Tailor-made clothing has the advantage of being a perfect fit, and you do not have to worry about your body type. However, that may require you to spend a little more on the tailor.

Accentuate Your Look With High Heels

Heels can create an illusion that you have long, well-toned legs as well as a slimmer body. That can make your curves more pronounced, giving you a great look.

To get the best outcome from wearing heels, you need to pair them with the right clothing. Your selection should be clothing that boosts your body features. For instance, a skirt may work well with some people, while skinny jeans bring out the best in other people. Experimenting and finding out what works best for your body type is the best way to learn what will make you feel most comfortable and confident. 

Apply Color Blocking

Color has a big effect on your outfit. How you wear your colors can determine how you look. Color blocking is the art of mixing up clothing with bold and contrasting colors. The color contrast helps highlight your curvy features.

Contrasting colors often create an illusion of larger hips and a more curvaceous look. If you can match color blocking with well-fitting clothes, you can achieve a very satisfying and confidence-inspiring look.

Confidence Is Always Key

The way you feel has an even bigger impact on how people see you. Your confidence will always affect how you walk, stand, and engage with people. Thus, always muster the self-confidence to strut in your curvy look!

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