4 Common Bra Fitting Problems and How to Fix Them

Is it you, or is it your bra? Sometimes it can be hard to tell. Bra fitting problems can be uncomfortable, annoying and even painful, and they're not always easy to fix (though sometimes they are!). In this guide, we walk you through four of the most common bra fitting problems that we see here at Leonisa. We also offer tips for fixing them, from how to decide if you need to change your cup size to how to tighten bra straps.

Problem #1: Your Cups Gap

Examine your cups to see exactly where they are gaping. If the gaps are at the top of the cup, then your straps might simply be too loose. Try tightening them to see if it helps. If that doesn't, then you might have bottom-heavy breasts with less tissue at the top. Experiment with a balconette bra (which has less coverage in the top part of the cup) to see if that helps with the gaping. If you have gaping throughout the entire cup even after tightening the straps, then go down a cup size and see if that fixes it. If going down a cup size will make the bra too tight, then go up a band size and down a cup size at the same time to keep the size roughly equivalent. (If you're not sure what size you are in the first place, then learn how to discover your real bra size.)

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Problem #2: Your Cups Overflow

Another bra fitting problem is when your breasts are overflowing the bra cups. Once again, examine the cups to determine where the overflow is occurring and how pronounced it is. If you're only getting a little bit of bra spillage on the inside edges of the cups, then you might simply need to switch to a more full coverage cup style. For example, if you're wearing a balconette or demi bra and getting overflow at the top, you should also try switching to a full-coverage bra style. However, if you are getting significant overflow on the sides or the front, then that's a sure sign that you need to go up a cup size to accommodate all your breast tissue. If going up a cup size will make the bra too loose, then go down a band size and up a cup size at the same time to keep the size roughly equivalent. 

Problem #3: Underwire Digs or Rides Up

Many women have a love-hate relationship with underwire: they love the support it provides but can struggle with the discomfort it sometimes causes. If your underwear digs tight into your rib cage, then you may have fastened your bra too tightly. Try fastening it on a different hook to see if that helps. If you're already wearing it on the loosest hook, then you might need to go up a band size to give yourself more breathing room. Another common bra fitting problem is the underwear riding up into your breasts instead of resting directly on your rib cage. This is caused by a bra band that is too loose. Try fastening it on a different hook, or go down a band size if you're on the smallest hook already.

Problem #4: Your Straps Slip or Dig

If your straps slip, they're too loose, and if they dig in, then they're too tight. First, adjust the straps-making them longer or shorter-and see if that improves the fit. When the straps dig, then adjusting the straps usually solves the problem. However, if your straps are slipping, then there could also be several other factors that contribute to your discomfort. For instance, if your bra is very old, it might be so stretched out that the straps are still too long even when you tighten them up all the way. If that's the case, then it's a good sign that it's time for you to throw the bra away and get a new one. In other cases, you might find your bra straps slipping despite everything if you have narrow shoulders but are wearing a bra with wide-set straps (such as a balconette bra). Try a bra with more closer set straps, such as a full coverage bra, to see if that helps.

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If you're still struggling to find the perfect fitting bra for your body, we've got expert consultants and Personal Shoppers who would love to help you find your new favorite bra. They'll talk with you about your preferences, styles and taste and help you find bras that are just to your liking. If you already know what bra you want, then you can shop Leonisa's bra selection and get free shipping on U.S. orders over $25!

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