5 Best Shapewear Shorts and When To Wear Them

The perfect shaper shorts will have you feeling confident about your body. They're flattering and slimming, but it's not always easy to tell which are the perfect shapewear shorts for you to wear in different circumstances.  The most flattering shapewear for women offers support and compression to keep everything snug. Our shapewear shorts also have a wide waistband that keeps everything in place without leaving any lines or being too tight. Check out these listed best top five shapewear shorts at Leonisa:

1. Well-Rounded Invisible Butt Lifter Shaper Shorts

As the name implies, our Well-Rounded Invisible Butt Lifter Shaper Shorts have butt-lifting properties. They are made from a polyester and spandex blend and have targeted compression, yet are still breathable.  These shorts also have an interior pouch to increase support by molding your derrière towards your body. You'll want to wear them when you put on high-waist bottoms to boost your backside.

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2. Truly Undetectable Sheer Shaper Shorts

Our Truly Undetectable Sheer Shaper Shorts are a commonly ordered shapewear item. The DuraFit ® fabric is never see-through, and it virtually disappears under your clothes. This seamless garment is suitable for under tight pants and skirts where the length extends enough to smooth and shape your thighs, while the thong style works to lift the butt. You might also want to check out our Undetectable Padded Booty Lifter Shaper Shorts. 

3. Extra High Waisted Firm Shaper Shorts

These are very high-waisted shapewear shorts with incredible shaping capabilities. The waist extends to just under the bust, offering extra support and shaping for the tummy without any bulges. The wide-waistband design keeps everything in place, gives a slimming effect and promotes good posture

4. Stay-In-Place Seamless Slip Shorts 

These are great for when you are showing your legs. They ensure that your clothes hug your curves. The fabric is delicate and incorporates gripping technology to keep them in place without rolling down. With a ruched backside seam, these shorts offer an extra lift for the butt. The seamless material is also great for wearing underneath skirts with very tight seams, making this pair of shorts a convenient addition to one's wardrobe.  

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5. Firm Compression Butt Lifter Shaper Shorts

These are tremendous shape-maintaining shorts for an active woman. The elasticized waistband offers excellent support and ensures that you look your best during workouts or out on the town. These shorts can hold your curves in place when worn underneath your clothes.

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The perfect shapewear shorts will keep you comfortable and shapely all day long. No matter your style, you'll find a pair that works for you. They are perfect when you want to feel confident about your figure in a more relaxed outfit, like a nice pair of jeans. You can also wear them under a skirt or dress to add some flair. You might even want to wear them under a pair of pants if you want an extra slim look. It is now easier than ever to wear any outfit and feel good about your body. Leonisa has a great line of ideal fashion and fitness shapewear shorts that come at affordable prices. We offer many women's fashion trends in a single store. Get yours today!

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