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The following information applies to all the visitors and users of www.leonisa.com. By using this you agree with our Site Use Terms. If you do not agree with any of these terms, please do not use Leonisa’s web site. Leonisa has the right to change these terms, so you must check them constantly. If you keep using Leonisa’s web site, you are implying that you accept our Site Use terms. For more information please contact us at customercare@leonisa.com. If any of these conditions are violated, Leonisa will seek all remedies available by law to protect our brand and webpage.


We can not certify that the personal information that you send to other web pages linked to ours will be protected. These external web pages are just linked to ours, but operate independently. It is prohibited the link of any other Web page to www.leonisa.com without our previous


Leonisa and the partners that participate in www.leonisa.com reserve the rights related to their brands and names. Our brands, names, logos or related images are registered and protected under the law. Users of www.leonisa.com do not have the right to use our logos, brands and/or images.

Leonisa does not accept the use of our trademarks in metatags and/or hidden text. When you use our trademarks as “metatags keywords” you are violating the law.


Leonisa’s website and all its tangible and intangible materials such as software, HTML codes, text, pictures, images, videos, among others, that are used, publicized, inserted or included in this site are exclusive property of Leonisa and are protected by the property and technology laws.

As a user of www.leonisa.com you do not have the right to copy, reproduce, create derivate works from, publicize, copy, distribute, modify, transmit, sell, license and/or use this Web Page for commercial purposes without our previous authorization.

Warranty Disclaimer

Leonisa controls www.leonisa.com from Spain. The terms of this Web page are governed by Spain’s law. Leonisa does not imply that www.leonisa.com is appropriate for international use. The users of www.leonisa.com that do not reside in Spain, visit the site under their own responsibility and should know that they must follow our local rules when using our Web site.

Leonisa is not responsible for the interpretation, analysis and comprehension of this Web page’s content. With no expressed or implied warranties, the right to use www.leonisa.com is offered "AS IS”. This Warranty disclaimer does not apply to the jurisdictions that don’t allow the “Disclaimer of Implied Warranties”. There are some jurisdictions that may prohibit the access to www.leonisa.com. It is the user’s responsibility to follow the rules and regulations of their own jurisdictions.

Leonisa is not responsible for any damages, direct or indirect consequences that this Web page or any of its links may cause. The last disclaimer does not apply for those jurisdictions that do not allow the “Disclaimer of Implied Warranties”.

Legal Capacity

Each user should be aware of his/her state’s Internet laws before accessing www.leonisa.com. If the visitor and/or client doesn’t have the legal right to access www.leonisa.com, he/she should not use, navigate, subscribe, buy and/or make any transactions through www.leonisa.com.

Current Terms and Modifications

Leonisa has the right to revise and change its site use terms without previous notification. If any of the terms becomes void, or impossible to act on, the other remaining terms will not suffer any consequences and will remain the same.

The interpretation, application and dispositions of any terms and site use rules expressed or implied in www.leonisa.com, follow and are governed by the Spain rules and regulations. If any of these terms is overruled by any Spain governmental law, Leonisa should follow the Spain law.

Any dispute raised between The Client and Leonisa regarding to the purchase and sale agreement of the products advertised on www.leonisa.com, should be resolved by the Spain laws.

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