Social and environmental commitment

Leonisa’s Corporate Social Responsibility

From the beginning, social responsibility has been one of Leonisa’s pillars. We’ve made it our mission to grow hand-in-hand with the people who comprise our company while supporting the communities around us.

Leonisa´s Social and environmental commitment

Leonisa’s commitment to sustainability

We use eco-friendly practices because the efficient, rational use of resources is our greatest contribution to the welfare of current and future generations.

Water conservation

  • Decrease in water pollution: 220 tons/year.
  • Decrease in contributions to water salinity: 70 tons/year.
  • Reclaimed water: 100% of the company’s wastewater is treated after use.
  • Water reuse: 40% of the water we use for dry cleaning is treated to be used again for the same process.

Air quality

  • We substitute liquid fuels for natural gas.
  • Zero emissions of particulate matter.
  • Decrease of 380 tons of CO2 per year.
  • 95% reduction in VOC emissions through textile processes.

Energy management

  • We reuse waste heat, which lets us save 22,000 m3 of natural gas every month.
  • We went from using 3 kW for every kg of product, to using just 2 kW.
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Carbon footprint

  • Our carbon footprint is less than that of many other companies within our sector, across the world. That’s because we use hydroelectric and natural gas energy sources. We are an environmentally conscious brand that is committed to conserving natural resources.

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