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Seamless Shapewear: Backless, Full Coverage or Dress Suited


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Invisible Shapewear, your discreet fashion ally

When it comes to fashion, the tiniest detail could spoil an entire outfit. We are not only referring to the annoying panty lines and muffin tops, the unruly side boobs, the awkward bulges and the unwanted bra straps; No, the biggest problem is the self-consciousness that comes with them, able to take all the confidence away. Your attitude makes the look work, so taking all these uncomfortable nuisances out of the way without being noticed is the main goal of the invisible shapewear. Seamless shapewear sets a white canvas to work on, for you to slay in any ensemble no matter the occasion.

Seamless Shapewear adapts to you for a slenderer silhouette

Whatever is in your agenda, seamless shapewear can improve your looks thanks to its flawless effect. Snug dresses, skinny jeans or even a wedding dress: you will get a slim and streamlined silhouette whatever your clothing choice is. These girdles come in nude tones or dearing black, so you can flatter your figure without anybody noticing the secret, even if you are using lighter colours or fabrics!

The perfect shapewear for dresses

The warm season starts and every woman faces a particular challenge: sitting down with a dress. The clothing that seemed perfect as you checked yourself in the mirror turns out to roll in the most unflattering places as you sit down for a drink. If you are dealing with a mini dress, the struggle is even greater. But, how to overcome this recurrent issue? No hint needed: the perfect shapewear for dresses is seamless shapewear! Nevertheless, not every dress fits the same so our little tip is to select different invisible garments according to the robe’s style. Low back and backless shapewear is ideal for strapless dresses; for bodycons, shapewear with supportive cups; if the fit is loose as in fit-and-flare dresses, high waisted panty girdles; maxi and knit dresses can be worn with shaping shorts while pencil dresses demand tummy control and even string shapewear.

Breathable fabrics and long-wear confort granted by our innovative technology, ready to try the near-magical invisible shapewear?

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