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A cookie is a text file that is downloaded to your computer, tablet, mobile phone or any other electronic device (future devices) when you access a web page. Cookies can anonymously store and retrieve your browsing information. Additionally, they are necessary to facilitate web page navigation and do not cause any damage to your device.

Cookies are essential to ensure that our website functions correctly. With them, we intend to improve your browsing experience. The information obtained from our cookies are as follows: the number of pages you visit on the web, the language used, the place where you access, the number of new users, frequency and recurrence of visits, the duration of each visit, and the browser or device used. If you have given your informed consent, there will be occasions where we may use cookies to collect and analyze information about your surfing habits, allowing us to display personalized ads, either from our website, a third party or any other means.

We DO NOT use cookies improperly. Our cookies do not store any sensitive information that is personally identifiable, such as your physical address, password, bank details or credit card / debit card, etc.


  • Our Cookies: These are cookies that are downloaded to your device from a domain or machine managed by us.
  • Third Party Cookies: These are cookies that are downloaded to your device from a computer or domain that is managed by another entity, linked to us for the services it offers.
  • Session Cookies: A type of cookies that expire when you leave our website.
  • Persistent Cookies: A type of cookies that is stored on your device for a period of time that can range from minutes to several years, depending on what you allow.
  • Analysis Cookies: Are cookies that are used by us or third parties, and allow us to quantify the number of visits and the use of our website. Its purpose is to measure and make a statistical analysis of the use of our website, so we can correct deficiencies and improve / facilitate the use of our website.
  • Advertising Cookies: Cookies that are installed in your browser or device when you visit web pages, open an e-mail or run an application where we post announcements of our products. They are used to control and monitor the effectiveness of advertising through measuring the number of times they are viewed, where and when they are displayed, your location and if you've seen them before, etc.
  • Behavioral Advertising Cookies: A type of advertising cookies that is used to store and retrieve information of user behavior obtained through continuous observation of your browsing habits. This allows us to build a profile to provide personalized advertising.


All cookie  information collected and stored from our website is for our exclusive use. The only exception is when we use the third party cookies mentioned above. Third party cookies are used and managed by external entities to provide services such as obtaining access statistics and for security of payment transactions. The information gained from these cookies is used to improve our user navigation experience.


You can authorize, allow, avoid, eliminate or block cookies installed on your device at any time. If it is your desire to avoid the use of our cookies, you may do so by setting your browser options  or from the privacy settings of the device you use. Note that if you do not allow installation of cookies in your browser, you may not be able to access some sections of our website.

Depending on the browser you use, click on any of the following links to find more detailed information:

For even more information, you can watch videos developed by the Spanish Data Protection Agency that explain how to set privacy options from different platforms and equipment.

To browse and continue on to our website, you are consenting to the use of cookies under the conditions contained in this Cookies Policy.


Session ID Used to identify the users session on the server. Session Leonisa
Country Code Used to store the country code based on the IP of the user. 1 day Leonisa
Site ID Used to store SiteId based on the country code of the user's IP. 3 years Leonisa
Plugin Cookies Created by the cookie policy plugin for EU. 1 day Leonisa
Recent Items Used to store recently viewed items. 30 days Leonisa
Member ID Used to store Member ID. Session or 15 days if users request to save login information Leonisa
Order ID Used to store Order ID. 15 days Leonisa
Google Analytics It allows you to keep track of the website through the Google Analytics tool (service provided by Google). The configuration of these cookies is predetermined by Google, which is why we suggest that you visit Google's Privacy Policy page (keeping in mind that we are not responsible for the content nor the veracity of third party websites). Permanent Google

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