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Strapless Bras & Bandeau Bras


Forget worrying about hiding the bra straps, discover the strapless or bandeau bra that does not fall off and enhances your chest

Strapless bras are perfect for the summer looks, especially for garments such as blouses or T-shirts and even for some dresses with very thin straps or sleeveless. This type of femenine lingerie is a must in any wardrobe that stands out for its tops, whether for bare shoulders or garments in which the bra strap can spoil your outfit.

Some of the strapless bras available at Leonisa make it possible to add straps. Mainly for those days where you are looking for maximum support, or that you need to combine the straps with other garments perhaps. It is, without doubt, a very versatile multi-position bra.

Buy your strapless bra now and choose between several models and colors

Finding a strapless bra that won't sag is difficult. Many women look out for perfect bras to fulfill their wardrope: both safe options and the most current designs and trends. Whether to wear dresses with a boat neckline or T-shirts with very wide necks, the truth is that it is increasingly common to look for the best strapless bra to expand any collection of women's underwear.

Basic colors such as black, red and white make it up for a wardrobe that goes with almost any garment. Anyway, if what you are looking for is an invisible bra, beige or nude is the color that you should take into account. To show off a much more sensual cleavage, we recommend going for strapless bras with padding or push up effect. These types of bras hold the chest much better, being ideal with dresses with a bandeau neckline.

The strapless bra is the protagonist in times of heat. But you might want to consider this tip: if what you are looking for is a strapless bra that does not fall - nor fail - the best option is to choose the underwired bandeau, since this model supports the chest way better. For women with smaller breasts that seek to enhance cleavage, the most recommended option is the strapless bras with a little padding or push-up effect.

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