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Best Push Up Bras

Push Up Bras


The push up bra, your ally when it comes to highlighting cleavage

The push-up bra is one of the most acclaimed models: almost every woman can confess that she keeps one in her closet as a treasure. Since it was introduced as the successor to the corset, push-up lingerie has served to highlight women's silhouettes with a sexy touch regardless of the layers: you can show off your neckline with a tight dress or emphasize your curves discreetly under a blouse or sweater, they perform their purpose under any garment!

The goal of push up bras is to shape the bust, emphasizing and rounding the breasts. A padded bra with push up can help up a size or two, but this is not always the case: if you wear plus size bras, you could go for a bra without padding that offers support and firmness in a very attractive way.

When buying a push-up bra, quality is the most important factor. Leonisa bras fit any need so you always feel comfortable: multi-position push up bras ensure an adjustable fit while strapless and balconette push up bras feature anti-slip technology.

Break through stereotypes, push-up bras do not care about your age

As we get older we may feel that some bra models are no longer for us, but nothing could be further from the truth: our innovative designs and quality fabrics will adapt to your style at any stage of life, offsetting the loss of firmness so you can show off your curves. Dare to wear a comfortable black push-up bra without underwire and enjoy your femininity!

High and super push up bras for the visual impact you're looking for

The time has come, you want to go for a daring look and the super push up bra becomes your best weapon. Its angled cups center and enhance the bust by adding volume, while the suggestive colors and the wide variety of lace bras with push up effect brighten up the look, perfect for special events!

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