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Invisible Bras & Seamless Bras, the No Show Bra Look for you!


Invisible bras to enjoy summer with the outfit of your choice

Temperatures start to rise and the sun timidly peeks out with the arrival of spring. In your closet you find light clothes that reveal a lot of skin and fashion trends show more and more unique necklines. What you really need to be fresh and wear a stunning model this spring-summer season is an invisible bra.

Why would you buy an invisible bra and add it to your collection?

xInvisible bras are perfect to combine with garments made of transparent fabrics. Thanks to the beige color we get an invisible effect, preventing our lingerie to be seen under the clothes. This type of invisible bras are also available in other colors such as white, a must in any closet, or black, a classic that never fails.

Asymmetrical necklines, open backs, very tight dresses or very light colors can be some of the garments for which the invisible bra becomes your best ally.

Seamless bras allow us to wear very tight garments avoiding any wrinkle that could spoil our outfit. If you are interested in wearing T-shirts or dresses with the back uncovered, the invisible backless bra is the model you need. Also available without straps to show off your shoulders or even with push up effect for women looking for the perfect modeling.

Invisible seamless bras, imperceptible and respectful to your skin!

Open back tops and dresses, off-the-shoulder sleeves, boat necklines, tight-fitting strapless, semi-transparent fabrics... nowadays we find a wide variety of looks that require a bra that doesn't show through your clothes! These seamless bras add a special touch to your outfit. They are discreet and guarantee maximum support. Play with your looks and combine them with invisible panties to ensure that any underwear shows through.

Adhesive bra, a powerful invisible ally for the most complicated garments

On certain occasions, an invisible bra is not enough. If you really need it to be unnoticeable, yet you don't want to go on without the support of a good bra, then you can rely on the adherence of adhesive bras. They mold to your bust and are perfect for more complicated garments.

If you need a larger size, don't worry, invisible bras are available in various cups and sizes. Find the perfect bra for you at Leonisa!

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