What To Wear Under a Cardigan


If there is one article of clothing that defines timeless fashion, it is the cardigan. The cardigan's popularity isn't heavily influenced by current trends, and if your cardigan is of high quality and elegant, it will never go out of style. Vintage or modern, the cardigan can transform many outfits and can play the role of a blazer depending on how you accessorize it. What to wear beneath a cardigan is also easier than you think. You have tons of fashionable options. Here at Leonisa, we have the perfect collection of undergarments that can sculpt your figure, accentuate your curves and allow your clothing to fit like a glove.

Nothing but Skin (and a Great Shaping Garment)

Superstar Taylor Swift has always been a major fan of knitwear, especially the cardigan. The star was recently photographed leaving a New York City hotspot in a mini skirt and a short, black, cozy cardigan. It was a V-neck style, and she wore it buttoned up without a blouse.

To achieve a similar style, try a lightweight, cropped black cardigan. It’s a classic look. To show off your best curves, make sure you choose the ideal body shaper or shapewear underneath to create a smooth silhouette.

A Tank Top

This wardrobe staple is a great piece to wear when the weather is warmer and your cardigan is made of a lightweight knit. Tank tops come in tons of colors and styles and are never bulky, so you’ll get a sleek-fitting top as the base layer. A cardigan and tank top pair well with sweats, jeans, leggings, yoga pants, shorts and skirts for that cute, casual vibe.

A Sexy Camisole

When you want to add a little glamour to your cardigan ensemble, a camisole is a chic, very feminine piece to reach for. A layering piece in a soft, shiny fabric peeking out of a cardigan can add a dash of allure. Camisoles can come fitted in stretch fabrics or looser in design and made of satin, for instance. Some feature thin straps while others boast fancy trim around a sweetheart neckline. At Leonisa, we offer shaper camis that use moderate compression to shape your tummy and waist.

Collect a few sexy camisoles in different shades and fabrics so that you can mix and match them with your favorite cardigans.


A Beautiful Bralette

Gone are the days when it was a fashion sin to have your bra straps showing through your clothes, and the cardigan is one of the finest layering pieces to show off a beautiful bralette underneath. The latest fashion trend of bralettes paired with cardigans or blazers is a hot one that’s been on the runway radar for several seasons now. Bralettes are super comfy and delicate and offer the right amount of support and shaping.

You can also show as much skin as you want when you’re wearing a bralette. You can leave the cardigan open or shut depending on the day, the weather or your comfort level.


A Pair of Leggings

Another stylish combination is a long cardigan with black leggings. Cardigans come in cropped, regular, midi, and maxi lengths. Choosing a longer cardigan to wear over leggings will create an effortless and classic look. This offers an effortless and classic look. You can add a pair of flats or knee-high boots, a tee shirt and some jewelry to elevate your look.

Always ensure that the leggings are opaque and that you wear the proper undergarments. You don’t want any panty lines or bunching panties ruining your sleek ensemble.

A Turtleneck Top

A turtleneck is a timeless piece. It’s one of those wardrobe staples that can look fabulous with just about any outfit you try on, especially when you’re wondering what to wear under a cardigan. The combination is excellent during the fall and winter seasons when you want to feel cozy and add a bit of bulk to your ensemble.

Try a turtleneck in a neutral color such as white, tan, black or gray as your base layer. Then, put on a cardigan in a leopard print, for example. That could be a striking outfit that’s easy and quick to put together. Turtlenecks add instant polish and stylish warmth.

A Flannel Shirt

Here’s another idea for cardigan weather when the wind starts to blow and the temperatures begin to dip. Have you ever teamed a colorful, flannel shirt with a cardigan? We think it’s a fantastic fashion combo. Flannel shirts are nice, and feel toasty against the elements. And a classic plaid pattern never gets old.

Get out a pair of jeans, and you can choose whether to tuck or not to tuck the flannel shirt into your waistband. Then, put on your cardigan and a pair of moccasins, ankle booties or knee-high riding boots. This is a lovely outfit that’s autumn-friendly. A flannel shirt in a bright red, blue or green plaid makes it extra appealing as it becomes the underlayer statement of your ensemble.

A Midi Dress

The nice thing about a cardigan is its versatility; however, one is never enough. You can find this garment in a wide range of fabrics and textures such as silk, cotton, lambswool, angora, mohair and more. You can even pair a midi dress of any fabric with a maxi cardigan in a dress and duster combination. It is an elegant look and will enhance anyone’s figure by creating a long, slimming line.

For instance, most midi dresses feature a length that ends right around mid-calf. It’s a flattering design, especially in a monochromatic color. You could even wear a midi sweater dress with a maxi cardigan. Maybe you have an ivory sweater dress and a camel maxi cardigan. That would be a classic, fashionable outfit when you’re wondering what to wear under a cardigan. It could work as a date night ensemble, shine at a fancy event or even be worn to the office.

A Dainty Blouse

You can dress up one of your cardigans with a dainty blouse underneath. It can elevate your style and make the look more sophisticated. A blouse in a soft, flowy fabric such as silk is a nice touch. You could also reach for a feminine, chiffon blouse that is of a lighter or airy kind of material that has a sheer or translucent quality. Another idea is wearing a romantic blouse that features delicate, lace detailing underneath your cardigan.

Maybe your blouse boasts a vibrant floral print or a soft stripe pattern or a bright solid shade such as red. All of these dainty blouse concepts would work as long as you keep the cardigan in a solid shade. Add a pair of dress pants, and you’ve created a suit. You don’t always need a blazer to define what makes a suit. A well-made cardigan with a bit of structure can serve as an excellent and stylish alternative.

A Jumpsuit

Vogue Magazine says that the jumpsuit is making a powerful comeback next year, and it’s time to have some fun styling yours. Of course, a beautiful, long cardigan would be fabulous to layer over your jumpsuit. This allows you to create a long, slimming, flattering silhouette. The only fashion tip here is to wear a cardigan that can accommodate the design and weight of your jumpsuit such as an oversized cardigan.

A jumpsuit boasts a vibe of power dressing and elegance, and the right cardigan can elevate your outfit.


A Button-Down Shirt

Here’s a simple idea that will work every time, especially when you’re headed to the office or class, etc. A classic, button-down shirt under an attractive cardigan is suitable for business, study or wherever you want to look clean, proper and professional. Add some tasteful jewelry and a pair of pumps, and you’ve nailed a traditional look.

A button-down, Oxford work shirt is an example of a no-fuss, fashion staple. It gives a slim fit and is comfortable to wear.

A White Tee

Sometimes, you’re just looking for warmth and a very casual look without spending a lot of time putting pieces together. Put on a white tee, a pair of sweats and sneakers and a cozy cardigan. Depending on the time of year, your cardigan could be made of a thin knit design or maybe a chunky, oversized style. Whatever fabric or texture you choose for your cardigan will be dependent on the season. Putting on a white tee underneath a colored cardigan is perfect whether your tee is cropped, standard length or tunic length.

Leonisa Has You Covered

Fashion, from underwear to outerwear, should always be fun and help define your unique personality and appearance. Leonisa is an intimate apparel brand that sustainably creates a wide range of underwear with built-in benefits so that everyone can find their perfect piece. Everything we create keeps you comfy and highlights your curves, meaning you'll look amazing no matter how many layers you decide to put on. Everything we create has built-in technology and is designed to empower you to embrace your curves. Discover the Leonisa difference!