What To Wear Under a Dress With High Slits

Daring and seductive fashion pieces are often seemed to be reserved for celebrities who boldly embrace them, leaving everyone in their wake starstruck by their killer style. But we believe that fashion transcends fame; it is a means of self-expression accessible to all. With that said, you may be inclined to experiment with body-baring pieces like a dress with high slits. But before you dive in, you must know that proper undergarments are the keys to pulling off such a daring look. Here are some tips and tricks for choosing the perfect undies to wear with a dress with high slits.


Panties, specifically high-waisted panties, are a great option to wear under a dress with high slits. They are comfy and you don’t have to worry about anything showing when sitting or moving around. The high-waisted design even helps to smooth out your curves and gives a flattering silhouette. Your high-slit dress will flow seamlessly over them, making you feel confident and sexy.

High-Waisted Panties

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When shopping around for this style of panties, consider the material used to make them. For instance, cotton high-waisted panties provide softness and breathability, which is superb for warmer weather. There's also our signature SkinFuse® compression fabric that feels like a second skin, perfect for those tight-fitting dresses.

On top of that, many high-waisted panties feature built-in pads or contouring materials. These not only provide a sleek and smooth appearance under your dress but offer extra support for the pelvic region.

Waist Cinchers

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Waist cinchers are a popular choice for women looking to sculpt their figure and create an hourglass shape. They typically cover the entire midsection, from under the bust down to the hips, and come in various designs, including corset-style or with different levels of compression.

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Waist cinchers are perfect for wearing with high-slit dresses because they provide a smooth and seamless base for your dress to glide over. Plus, they offer added support and shaping, especially if you’re wearing a form-fitting dress. Some may even feature lumbar support, making them an excellent option for long hours of standing or dancing at a social event.


For those looking to show off their curves without any visible panty lines, a thong is an ideal option to wear under a dress with high slits. It offers minimal coverage and eliminates the dreaded VPL (visible panty line) while still providing comfort and freedom of movement.

higher-cut thong

Consider higher-cut thongs that sit comfortably above the slits of your dress, minimizing any chance of your underwear showing through. Seamless and lace options are also great for a touch of femininity and sensuality under your daring dress.

Other Considerations When Wearing a Slit Dress

Make sure the dress fits you well. Any loose or ill-fitting areas can lead to accidental flashing and discomfort.

Consider complementing your outfit with high heels. They add a touch of elegance and elongate your legs, making them look stunning as you walk by in your high-slit dress.

Embrace Your Inner Celebrity

Don’t let the fear of what to wear underneath a dress with high slits hold you back from rocking this bold fashion trend. With these options and considerations, you can confidently embrace your inner celebrity and make heads turn with your killer style. Remember, fashion is all about expressing yourself, so have fun and feel beautiful in whatever you choose to wear under that high-slit dress.

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