How to Pose in a Swimsuit for Flattering and Confident Photos

How to Pose in a Swimsuit for Flattering and Confident Photos

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Summer is here and that means pool parties, lake trips, and beach days. This hot season will also bring plenty of bathing suit photo ops to commemorate your fun-filled memories with friends, family, and loved ones. If you feel unsure about all of those pictures being snapped, then read on for help sharpening the ever-elusive skill of posing in swimwear. Here you will learn to:
  1. find a suit you love;
  2. practice the perfect stance; and
  3. know which lighting looks best.
It can be hard to know how to stand, what to wear or where to take the best swimsuit photo. But don't worry, we will back you up! We have prepared some tips and tricks to help you learn what looks best on your body and how to find your best camera angles so you can stand confident, feel comfortable and look great in all of those upcoming beach photos.
  • Find a Suit You Love - The first tip to a flattering swimsuit photo is to find a piece that you love to wear and (most importantly) feel comfortable in. This is an absolute must! There is an endless number of designs when it comes to women's bathing suits, which means that finding one you absolutely love is possible. Every body has a Leonisa design made to flatter and support it. Whether you have a specific area you love to flaunt, a certain body part to smooth out or a need for extra support in the bust or tummy area - Leonisa has a design for you. Monokinis are a flattering choice for many women as they smooth out your front side, give daring peeks of skin through side cutouts and compression for confidence.
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  • Practice the Perfect Stance - Once you've found your most comfortable swimsuit, it's time to start practicing that pose. Here is the trick: to look long, lean and confident in a swimsuit photo, it's important to stand tall with your chest up and put one leg out toward the camera.
This gives the appearance of a longer and leaner body shape which translates to a more flattering photo. Try angling the back hip away from the camera slightly as well. Check and try these 25 swimsuit poses that are surely perfect for your Instagram. Practice in front of a mirror or have a friend help you take practice photos from various angles so you can find what works best for you. The idea is to bring flow to your body in the picture, rather than appearing stiff or rigid. A straight, forward-facing stance can make you look unnatural and even appear wider than you really are. Practice makes perfect!

How to Pose in a Swimsuit for Flattering and Confident Photos


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  • Know Which Lighting Looks Best - Golden hour is the time right before sunset or just after sunrise; it is known for providing the perfect lighting for photoshoots as it is aesthetically pleasing due to the redder, softer tones of the sun's light. If you're at a pool party or beach day event with your friends and family, encourage the photo taking to be done during this time. The softer light during the golden hour will blur imperfections, smooth out angles and provide a healthy-looking glow to your skin.
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How to Pose in a Swimsuit for Flattering and Confident Photos

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When you're shopping for bikinis for women, it's important that you love what you choose. A great bikini, monokini or one-piece will flatter your best features, smooth out your not-so-favorite areas and offer the support you desire so you can put your most confident and comfortable self forward in the summer. Remember that the key to posing in your swimwear is to stand up straight and tall - never hunch over or slouch. Then bring length and confidence to your pose by placing one leg forward towards the camera. Lastly, remember that golden hour is everyone's best friend and your photoshoot's secret weapon. Oh, and one more thing, don't forget to smile!

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