8 Essential Skills Every Man Should Know

8 Essential Skills Every Man Should Know


As we go through life, our experiences and interests teach us different skills. Some guys know how to hunt a deer, some guys know how to create an app from scratch, and clearly you at least know how to read, or else we wouldn’t be here. But in today’s blog post, we’re going to talk about some skills every man should know by the time he reaches adulthood. And if you don’t have these skills yet, maybe it’s time to work on that!

Skill #1: Choose clothing that fits.

It’s true that modern clothes aren’t necessarily meant to fit like a dream right off the hanger. Most ready to wear fashion is too boxy, too loose, or pulls and stretches in odd places because it’s made for mannequins, not for people. Fabrics with built-in stretch are a godsend for that reason.

When you’re shopping for clothes in person, you can try on different sizes and see if any of them fit. However, when you’re shopping online, you’re going to be confronted with size charts. Although they may seem intimidating at first, size charts are a valuable tool for finding clothes that fit. Just grab a measuring tape and wrap it around yourself according to the instructions that go with the chart and you should have a better idea of what size to order.

If you find that a shirt is just a little too small or your pants are digging in around the waistband, our favorite solution for better fitting clothes is shapewear for men of course! You’ll still want to check our size charts to find the correct size – and never wear shapewear that’s too small, as that can be bad for your health!

Skill #2: Make small talk.

Different cultures have different views of small talk, but in the US, it’s typically expected that you’ll have at least a couple of short conversations throughout every day. Some people enjoy small talk because it can lead to friendships, but other people dread having to exchange niceties with random people in public. However, if you learn the art of how to make small talk, you can make people like you with minimal effort.

If you’re bad at making small talk, it helps to start by mentioning something in your environment. You may break the ice with a stranger by asking them a question about what’s going on around you. Try to ask open-ended questions instead of ones that can be answered with a yes or a no. If you can’t figure out a question to ask, a simple “Hello, how are you?” will typically suffice.

Getting better at making small talk will help you feel like part of your community and make you seem like a friendly, likable person. You may even make a friend, and with male loneliness on the rise, friendship is more important than ever. So small talk is an important skill to cultivate!

Skill #3: Choose quality fabrics.

Another important skill to learn is how to choose high quality fabrics, because not all material is created the same. You want to choose garments made of fabrics that will last, that won’t wear out or stretch out. Naturally, our favorite example to highlight is Leo’s signature fabric technology, which you’ll experience within every item we create. Our underwear, shapewear, and activewear is all created in-house, in the Americas, using cutting-edge technology. This allows us to maintain a high level of quality control, ensuring that each piece we make is soft, comfortable, and lasts a lifetime. In other words, if your goal is to choose quality fabrics, our products are a safe bet.

Quality fabrics will typically cost more than a material of lesser quality, but you don’t have to blow your whole budget on one item, either! As long as the fabric is comfortable, durable, and fits well, you’ve probably picked a winner.

Skill #4: Learn how to lift properly.

Whether you do manual labor at work or you’re just helping a friend move over the weekend, you should learn how to lift objects properly. Improper lifting can hurt your back, both temporarily and in the long run. If you’re wondering how to lift properly let us break it down. You may have heard “lift with your knees, not with your back,” which is true, but you also want to make sure to get close to the object, keeping your elbows close to the body. As you bend your knees, keep your back straight by tightening the muscles in your core. Once you’ve lifted the object, be sure to keep it close to you while ensuring that you have a good hold on it. Always try to look straight ahead the whole time you’re carrying the object. The goal is to move slowly and steadily, straight ahead, and don’t twist!

Skill #5: Know your underwear preferences.

If you don’t know whether you prefer boxers, briefs, or boxer briefs by now, there’s no time like the present. Check out our wide range of underwear for men and try on a few different styles to figure out what speaks to you. You may find you prefer a style that’s different from your usual, different from what your dad wore, different from what your mom used to buy for you, and different from the value packs you’ve been picking up for years. Invest in underwear you actually enjoy wearing!

Choosing underwear you actually feel comfortable in will translate to you giving off a confident aura. Why? Because when you look great, you feel great. And when you feel great, you can accomplish anything you set your mind to!

Skill #6: Learn to speak another language.

Whether you plan to travel to another country, want to make foreign friends, or are simply curious about the world, to learn a new language is an important skill to develop. The internet makes it easier than ever to learn another language, so pick one and choose a YouTube channel, Rosetta Stone course, Duolingo course, or TikTok account to follow. Learning languages keeps your brain young and flexible, plus it opens up a whole new world of jokes and media for you to enjoy!

Did you know Leo is an international company? Click the flag at the top right corner of the page to see our website in different languages. You might learn some interesting underwear terminology in your target language. You’re probably laughing, but hear us out: you gotta start somewhere!

Skill #7: Dress for any occasion.

One understated skill is knowing how to dress for any occasion. You don’t want to look out of place at a wedding, a funeral, a business meeting, or a convention. Some of this knowledge just comes with experience and common sense, but sometimes you’ll look at an invitation and not really be sure what the listed dress code means. Here are some general rules.

A white tie event is the most formal you can possibly go to. It will typically require you to wear a tuxedo with tails, a bow tie, gloves, and formal footwear. A black tie event is a step down from that, still requiring a tuxedo or nice suit with nice shoes. A formal or black-tie optional dress code is slightly less formal than black tie, but you should still wear a suit. Then there’s cocktail attire, which still requires a suit and tie, but is a little less formal than the previous option.

Then we have semi-formal dress codes, which typically require a dress shirt and slacks. Ties are optional and a little extra comfort is encouraged, but don’t show up in sweatpants. Festive attire is typically defined as semi-formal but with more bold prints and colors, as opposed to black and white, which are more formal. Casual attire for a wedding may include dress pants or khakis and a collared shirt, but casual attire for the office may be jeans and a button-down shirt or t-shirt.

If you’re ever not sure about the specifics of a dress code, don’t hesitate to ask the organizers of the event or someone else who’s planning to go!

Skill #8. Exercise your creativity.

Lastly, creative skills are important to develop. Not only will you seem like a more well-rounded person and have things in common with a broader range of people, you’ll also notice that engaging in creative activities will improve your mental health. If you need ideas for creative skills to develop, consider writing a poem, telling a story, learning a song on guitar, or drawing a picture. Painting miniatures counts as art, by the way!

Obviously, this is not an exhaustive set of skills that every man should know, but we believe it’s a good starting point. Developing skills like the ones listed above can be a lifelong journey, but we think you’ll find it’s worthwhile. At Leo, we encourage every man to be a lifelong learner and we believe that the skills you learn in school are just a jumping-off point. Go forth and cultivate some of these skills every man should know and you’ll be sure to reap some benefits!

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