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8 out of every 10 women are wearing the WRONG bra size!

How long have you been wearing the same bra size? 5, 10, 15, 20 years? Don’t worry - you’re not the only one. Many times when I’m helping someone find the perfect bra, I’ll find out that she’s been wearing a bra that’s one, two, or even three sizes too small!
Infinite thoughts run through my mind: Aren’t you really uncomfortable? Do you know that your bra is too small? How long have you believed this was your size? And in that moment, I realize something: It’s super common for women to keep choosing bras in the same size we’ve been wearing for years. We’re not aware that our size can change over time with age, genetics, motherhood, weight loss, weight gain, or so many other factors.

It’s super common for women to keep choosing bras in the same size we’ve been wearing for years.

Below, I’m going to list some of the most common errors we commit while choosing a bra. This can help you identify if you’re wearing the correct size, or if you’re part of the 80% who are wearing the wrong size. I bet this information is going to be really helpful for you!

1. Confusing the band and cup sizes:

Chances are, you’ve never taken your own bra measurements, and nobody has taught you what they really mean. For example, if I tell you my mom wears a 38B, what do you imagine that looks like? Get ready - I’m about to blow your mind. If you’re one of the many people who has always been under the impression that the “number” corresponds to bust volume, you probably associate the number 38 with a busty lady. What if I told you that the “number” - in this case, 38 - corresponds with the width of the back? It’s the letter B that corresponds to bust volume. I’m going to explain it better below. The first thing you’ll want to know is that every bra size consists of 2 measurements:

  • Band size

    Esta es la medida de la base del contorno/espalda, y está dada en números: 32, 34, 36, 38, 40, 42, 44… Siendo la 32 la más pequeña y la 44 la más grande.
    This is the measurement that includes your back and underbust area. It’s a number: 32, 34, 36, 38, 40, 42, 44...at Leonisa, the smallest we have is 32 and 44 is the largest.

  • Cup size

    This is the measurement of the volume of your bust. It’s a letter: A, B, C, D, DD, and beyond. B is the smallest cup size we carry at Leonisa, and DD is the largest.

2. “Back rolls”:

Why does this happen? Your band is too small

This is one of the most common mistakes. Every day, I see see people wearing bras that are definitely too small. You can tell because a too-tight bra will distort the body in unflattering ways.
What do I mean by this? When you’re wearing a bra that’s either too small or has other characteristics - like a thin back or a really rigid one (AKA a back that doesn’t have enough stretch) - it’s pretty normal for your bra to show through your clothes or give you “back rolls”. Not only does this unflattering fit show through clothes, it can also cause daily discomfort. If this happens to you, check your size again or remember that a bra extender can be your best ally!
The most annoying thing about this is the indents of a poorly-fitting bra can cause “back fat” to be more pronounced. You may think this only happens to larger women, or older women, but that’s just not true. When we’re constantly wearing the wrong bra size, our bodies will become accustomed to holding that shape, creating indents that weren’t there before.

3. The cups give you “quad boob”:

Why does this happen? The cups are too small.

As you know now, many women in the world are wearing the wrong bra size and this is an unimaginably common mistake. How do you spot an ill-fitting bra? It’s obvious! The cup gives you a “quad boob” look, splitting your bust in 2. This is immediately visible through your clothes and it’s not a good look because it distorts your natural shape. If this happens to you, I recommend you to keep reading. Without a doubt, you’re wearing a bra that’s too small in the cups or band. Buying a larger bra will keep this from happening.

4. The underwire rides up over the bust:

Why does this happen? Cups that are too small or poorly fitted.

This always happens when we’re not wearing the correct bra size, or when you’re not wearing it the way you should be. If your case is more of the first option, that means your bra’s cups are too small and they won’t fit your bust as perfectly as they should. That’s why the wire will ride up over your bust, which is uncomfortable and won’t give you the support you need.

If you’re completely sure you’re wearing the correct cup size, but this still happens, here’s a trick that may help: slide your hand into the cup, grab your breast, and lift it up and towards the center of your chest.
Remember: the underwire should sit under your bust to give you support. If you don’t wear it properly, you can hurt yourself or even disfigure your body.

5. There’s a gap between the cups and your bust:

Why does that happen? The cups are too big.

For smaller-chested ladies, this happens pretty frequently. It’s hard to find a bra with a structure they can “fill out”. I’ve heard this many times: “Melissa, it’s just that...no bra works for me. There’s too much space in all of them. Bras just aren’t for me!” And I always respond the same way: “Well, not every bra was designed for every woman, but we do have some spectacular options for those with less volume, like you!”

Not every bra was designed for every woman…

I always try to recommend soft-cup bras, like bralettes or sports bras, to those with a smaller bust. But they can also wear bras with smaller cups, or push-up bras, as long as they’re designed to fit that type of bust. Those with an average or full bust could also make this mistake by wearing the wrong size or cups that are bigger than they should be.

If you’ve been buying bras in a larger size so they fit well in the back, but the cups are too big, stop! Choose a bra that fits well in the cups, no matter the back. If the back is too small, you can wear a bra extender to make it fit perfectly. Read more about bra extenders here.

6. The back rides up:

Why does this happen? Too-tight straps or a too-large band.

Sometimes when I’m out in public, I’ll see a woman and notice that the back of her bra is way higher than it should be! That’s one of the most common mistakes we make, and it can basically happen for any of these 2 reasons:

The first reason is that the straps are too tight, which can cause unnecessary pain and also cause the back of the bra to ride up. Read here to learn how to adjust the straps properly.

The second is that you’re wearing a larger size than you should be. That’s why it’s hard to adjust the back in the way you need to in order to keep it from riding up. Keep in mind that the back should always sit straight across and shouldn’t ride up at any point through the day.

7. Straps that are too tight or too loose:

There’s nothing more uncomfortable than a bra that has straps so tight that they leave painful, red marks on our shoulders. And the thing is, this shouldn’t even be happening! The opposite can also happen: Straps that are too loose can cause your bust to look droopy. It’s also really uncomfortable and inconvenient to spend your whole day pulling up your straps because they keep falling down.

Straps have a very special purpose: they help support the weight of your bust. That’s why it’s essential to keep them adjusted to the perfect length. If you have a fuller bust, wear a bra that has wider straps!

It’s time for the moment of truth. Have you made any of these mistakes?

Don’t worry if you’ve had one, some, or all of these problems with your bras. I’m here to reassure you that it happens to the best of us! Before I started working for Leonisa, even I had these problems. Now I’m going to give you a super simple solution: Find out, and wear, your correct bra size. Not only will this guarantee a perfect fit and a great look - it will also keep you 100% comfortable.

During my consultations, I get to see the “before and after”. In the “before” stage, when I’m taking measurements, I hear things like: “I’ve been wearing this size my whole life and I’m certain it fits well.” “But if I’m not very busty, how can I be a size 40?” “I’m not that ‘fat’ - I’m sure I’m wearing the right size…” Many times, we refuse to try a different size. Sadly, I’ve come to realize that every size has a different implication, subconsciously implying to us that we’re either “skinny” or “fat”.

But if I’m not very busty, how can I be a size 40?

In the “after” stage, when my clients are wearing the correct bra size, I get to see an amazing transformation. These women go from having repetitive, negative thoughts to making comments like “I can’t believe I’ve been wearing the wrong size my whole life!” “Wow, I feel way more comfortable in this. It doesn’t gap or dig in.” “I can’t even feel the structures in this bra - no wonder I couldn’t stand my old bra.”
But at the end of the day, size doesn’t matter. Who needs to know your bra size, other than you? The most important thing is to be able to say goodbye to discomfort, back rolls, and gapping in the cups. Your life is about to be changed; you’re going to feel confident and empowered, and your clothes will even look better on you.

Now you’re ready for the most important moment, the one you’ve been waiting for! I’ll teach you how to figure out your correct band and cup size. La primera consiste en validar tu talla en la APP de Leonisa “Calcula tu talla”. Necesitas un metro en centímetros, tu celular y muchas ganas de aprender.

Sigue estos pasos:

  • 1. Descarga la aplicación en tu celular “Calcula tu talla Leonisa” en Google Play o App Store.
  • 2. Elige la opción “Brasier” - Usa un metro en centímetros.
  • 3. Mide tu contorno por debajo del busto. Recuerda que el metro debe estar completamente recto.
  • 4. Ingresa esta medida en “Base” y haz click ACEPTAR.
  • 5. Ahora mide el volumen de tu busto por la parte más prominente. Asegúrate de que esté horizontal.
  • 6. Ingresa esta medida en “Busto” y haz click en ACEPTAR.
  • 7. Ahora ¡Descubre tu talla! Y disfruta de nuestros recomendados para ti.

Te recomendamos medirte mínimo 2 veces al año, ya que las mujeres tendemos a cambiar de medidas gracias a las hormonas, embarazos, cambio de peso, etc.

La otra forma de conocer tu talla es a través de la página web de Leonisa
También necesitas un metro en centímetros y seguir estos pasos:

  • 1. Go to our Webstore to find your size: https://www.leonisa.com/en/ - Spanish: https://www.leonisa.com/sp/
  • 2. Look for the bra you want, or just click on any bra.
  • 3. On the product page for the bra, click Size Finder. It’s on the tab next to the Description.
  • 4. Follow step 1 and 2 in the instructions, entering your measurements into boxes for Band and Bust.
  • 5. Our system will automatically calculate your size!

Did it come up with a different size than you usually wear? Don’t hold back! Dare to try another size. Your bra should fit as comfortably as your favorite blue jeans or pair of shoes. If you’re one of those people who can’t wait to rip off your bra when you get home, that’s probably because it’s the wrong size for you.

Your bra should fit as comfortably as your favorite blue jeans or a pair of shoes.

Of course, you’re also invited to stop by any Leonisa store so that one of our experts can measure you and give you personalized advice!




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