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Flattering Swimsuits for Curves:
The Many Reasons to Wear Tummy Control Swimwear

Many Reasons to Wear Tummy Control Swimwear Leonisa

Want to discover a swimsuit that enhances your body shape and flatters your curves?

As your personal shopper, I promise you’ll look absolutely amazing when you put your feet in the sand or dip your toes in the pool. Not only that, but I can also assure you it will feel comfortable as well!
Many women who try Leonisa swimsuits are quite surprised–and even thrilled–by how they can shape their curves.
So, allow me to guide you toward finding the most flattering swimsuits for your curves, too!

Why Wear Leonisa Tummy Control Swimsuits?

First, I want to share with you why Leonisa is a reliable shapewear brand. Leonisa's regular shapers work well under dresses at formal occasions and under workplace slacks, and their swimwear is made with the same technology.

Here is why I think our swimsuits are exceptionally stellar.

Crafted by Expert Hands

The Leonisa brand is recognized by its experience in creating lovely and versatile pieces that smooth, shape and sculpt the figure. These pieces also have built-in shaping power to help people like yourself feel more gorgeous and, more importantly, self-confident. (Especially as you grab your sunglasses and show a little skin at the beach or pool.)

Numerous Benefits

Leonisa swimsuits offer many benefits that I know you’ll love. They flatten the body and accentuate the curves, all without sacrificing comfort, which means you’ll never feel restricted as you wade in the water or lounge out for a tan! Leonisa swimwear also uses cutting-edge technology that is sure to enhance your figure.

100% Comfortable

With the name “tummy control”, you must be thinking that these garments are uncomfortable, stiff and will not let you move freely during your moments in the sun.
This is false! In addition to flattering women's curves, these swimsuits are extremely comfortable, thanks to the quality materials they’re made of while offering the softness that your skin needs.
These swimsuits retain the same comfort as a traditional swimsuit, the only difference is that they offer a higher level of compression throughout the abdomen and/or back area, thus shaping your body in seconds.
You can be sure that when you wear one of these suits, you will feel incredible security and comfort since everything will stay in place while you are wearing it.

Trendy and Fashionable

Many women fall in love with our swimwear designs thanks to their fashionable silhouettes.
These women are surprised that such trendy swimsuits offer spectacular benefits, technology and special touches. Not only are tummy control swimsuits cute, but they are designed with internal control so that any woman looks better than ever out on the beach.

Some of my favorite trendy swimsuit designs include:

  • Mesh Swimsuits Who doesn't want to look sexy while on the beach? Mesh swimsuits provide both an elegant and sexy touch to your traditional swimwear.
    Here’s a little secret: in addition to being perfect for the beach or being in the water, you can also use them as bodysuits.
    You can wear mesh swimsuits with jeans, shorts or high-waisted skirts.
  • Ruffled Swimsuits
    A detail that never goes out of style thanks to its femininity and romanticism. Dare to look amazing with timeless touches like ruffles on your swimwear. In my personal opinion, I love ruffles because I feel that they give a lot of style to my look when I'm on vacation.
  • Swimsuits with Different Necklines
    From off-the-shoulder suits to ultra-deep necklines, I’m positive that this season you will want to show off your chest! Feel confident with necklines that I'm sure will make you the center of attention.
  • Swimsuits with Unique Backs They say that the back is the new neckline and I could not agree more! If you prefer not to show off your neckline with your bathing suits, backless swimsuits can become your greatest allies. Leonisa offers a variety of styles such as deep-v backs or lacy backs so that you can show off your style while shining in the sun.

Leonisa’s Compression Swimsuit Options

To help you choose a flattering swimsuit, I want to introduce you to what is offered through our brand. Leonisa offers a variety of options, different designs and even three different compression levels.

  • Compression Levels
    Allow me to explain these differences between our three compression levels–, Smooth, Moderate and Firm–and offer suggestions on which might be best for your body type, needs and tastes.
  • Smooth Compression
    Smooth compression swimwear and shapewear is perfect for beginners and women who are new to the shapewear world. However, they are still supportive enough to hold and secure everything in place.
  • Moderate Compression
    Moderate compression swimwear and shapewear is for women who have had a bit more experience with shapewear and have worn it before. I recommend moderate compression swimsuits for women looking to flatten the tummy area and shape the waist for a streamlined, “roll”-free look.
  • Firm Compression
    Firm compression swimwear and shapewear is perfect if you are looking for a day-to-day sculpting effect. That same compression technology is used for our firm compression swimsuits to give you a sculpted look at the beach or pool. Because this is Leonisa’s maximum compression level, it sculpts the tummy and back, making you look up to two centimeters trimmer.

Find Flattering Swimsuits for Each Body Type

Women’s bodies are truly unique, and while we learn to appreciate and love our curves, sometimes finding the right swimwear for our body type adds just a touch more confidence that we need. So to help you choose, I’ve put together this comprehensive list of the various curvy body shapes and the swimwear styles that best flatter them.

Pear-Shaped Body Types

Women with a pear-shaped physique are fuller on the bottom, which makes the hips larger and wider than the bust area.
For ladies with this shape, I suggest playing up the top half of the swimwear with a plunging neckline or embellishments to draw attention. Another recommendation is to conceal your thighs with a skirted bottom that can tie on one side, giving an asymmetrical design.

Apple-Shaped Body Types

Apple-shaped ladies have a wider midsection, usually with an undefined waistline. If you have this shape of body, I suggest a one-piece with shirred or ruching details. You can also go for an empire style or wrap with a higher waistline. Apple-shaped ladies are perfect candidates for swimwear with built-in tummy control. It will have you feeling empowered and as confident as ever!

Curvy Figured Body Types

For ladies with a curvier silhouette throughout, you want to highlight all your curves as well as provide them with support and coverage. I recommend not hiding your curves at all and, instead, accentuate them with color-block design swimwear or with asymmetrical lines. Also, like a pear shape, you want to draw attention toward your beautiful face with an embellished neckline or halter top.

Large Chested Ladies

For those of you with larger busts, you definitely need some support. So seek out swimwear with underwire or molded cup linings to give you that desired lift. Don’t hide away your girls. Instead, allow them to present themselves front and center. Find a swimsuit with a higher neckline or sport a halter top which ties neatly behind the neck. Also, consider adjustable straps to secure the girls neatly in place. -block design swimwear or with asymmetrical lines. Also, like a pear shape, you want to draw attention toward your beautiful face with an embellished neckline or halter top.

While you should be proud and present them, I will say this comes with limitations. If you have a large bust area, you may want to avoid plunging necklines that draw attention to your cleavage or allow them a way to escape for the whole beach to see.

Be the Belle of the Beach Ball

At the end of the day, you always want to look your absolute best. But when headed toward the beach or pool, you want to feel confident and empowered, too–especially when you wanna let it all hang out. In these public areas, it feels like all eyes are on you, so why not look and feel wonderful?

That’s why Leonisa swimwear was constructed with this in mind. I guarantee Leonisa swimwear will have everything you’re looking for, blending timeless fashion with tested functionality. And with each swimwear’s built-in compression, your body is going to look smooth and stylish!




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