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Learn to take care of your activewear

The best tricks to wash and dry your activewear

Learn to take care of your activewear

Below we list some tips and tricks for you to take proper care of your exercise clothes, helping to extend the life of your activewear.

If you are one of those women who love to workout and have a variety of activewear for each workout, it’s very important that you give your clothes the care they deserve, so you can make sure they last much longer in your closet!

Here are several tricks and tips for you to take proper care of your exercise clothes, ensuring that the quality of your tops, t-shirts, leggings and shorts lasts for a long time.

  • 1. Add a pinch of salt
    Adding a teaspoon of salt when you wash your sportswear for the first time can make a big difference. Thanks to the elements in the salt, the color can stay more vibrant for a longer period of time.
  • 2. Avoid excess detergents/soap
    Many people think that the more detergent or soap they use, the cleaner their clothes will be after a workout. I want to share with you that this is simply not true! Excess detergent can cause a build-up of soap residue that can trap bad odors on your clothes.

    Use a mild detergent, as strong detergents can cause irritation, especially in intimate areas, which can lead to worse things like infection. Instead, I recommend using a hypoallergenic or mild soap.
  • 3. Do not use bleaches or fabric softeners
    Bleaches work well for white clothes, but they can also work against you if you don't use them correctly. Using bleach and fabric softeners can deteriorate the materials of your favorite activewear, wearing them down and creating holes in your clothes.

    On the other hand, your sportswear is already soft enough, so using fabric softeners can damage the fabric and elasticity of your sportswear.
  • 3. No uses blanqueadores o suavizantes
    Los blanqueadores pueden funcionar perfectamente para las prendas blancas, pero también pueden funcionar en tu contra si no los usas correctamente. Usarlos puede deteriorar los materiales de tus prendas deportivas favoritas, desgastándolas y creando agujeros o huecos en la ropa.
    Por otro lado, tu ropa deportiva ya es lo suficientemente suave, por lo que usar suavizantes puede llegar a dañar la tela y la elasticidad de tu ropa deportiva.
  • 4. Always wash your workout clothes by hand.
    Although sportswear is much more durable and resistant than other clothes, washing it in the washing machine can deteriorate your clothes over time. If you don't have time to do it, I recommend that you use your washing machine on a very gentle cycle with a delicate soap that takes care of your clothes.
  • 5. Don't wait to wash your sweaty clothes
    Bacteria that remains on your clothes after exercising can start to cause bad odors if you take too long to wash them.

    When you do a very intense exercise routine, your clothes are usually soaked in sweat, so it's a great idea to wash them immediately after you take them off. You don’t want your clothes to be stained with sweat, so if you leave them unwashed for a long time, you’ll probably find sweat stains that are hard to remove.
  • 6. Wash your clothes separately
    Don't forget to wash your exercise clothes separately, even if their colors are similar. This prevents the colors from passing from one garment to another, staining them completely. When you go to wash them, make sure your clothes are inside out, as this can prevent the color from transferring and completely damaging your favorite clothes.
  • 7. Wash activewear with cold water
    Another very simple way to prevent your clothes from losing color is to wash them with cold water. Hot water can cause certain stains (like sweat) to remain permanently on your clothes. Cold water also prevents shrinkage.
  • 8. Do not use a dryer
    The intense heat of the dryers can affect the shape of your garments, and since clothes can shrink when exposed to heat, dryers can reduce the elasticity of the fabric and even melt them. If you are in a hurry and need to dry your clothes quickly, choose a very low temperature drying setting so that your clothes don’t get too hot.

    Ideally, when you wash your clothes, turn them inside out and hang them to dry.

Personally, I like to take the time to wash and care for my sportswear, since most of the time I invest a lot in it and I don't want it to get damaged so quickly. It’s also important to keep in mind that over time the fabric of your clothes will eventually wear out with their use. It is inevitable that you will have to replace workout clothes after a few years!

I hope that these tips that I gave you have been very useful and that you learn how to properly wash and care for your ACTIVEWEAR.

Personally, I like to take the time to wash and care for my sportswear, since most of the time I invest a lot in it and I don't want it to get damaged so quickly...

Until next time 🙂,



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