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How to Get Your Figure Back After Pregnancy

How to Get Your Figure Back After Pregnancy

It’s clear that the better we feel emotionally and physically, the better mothers we will be. Our underwear helps us feel strong and sexy.

Without a doubt, pregnancy can be overwhelming. There are so many unknown challenges and responsibilities as our lives change forever. It’s clear that the better we feel emotionally and physically, the better mothers we will be. Our underwear helps us feel strong and sexy. Underwear is a key piece of our everyday lives that provides comfort, normalcy and functionality in the days after a baby's arrival.

I’ve met so many women as a Leonisa personal shopper. My pregnant clients always have the same questions about underwear:

  • What bra size should I choose?
  • Should I wear postpartum girdles?
  • How long should I wear special underwear?

In short, I’ve heard so many questions around underwear after pregnancy that I decided to write this article. To start, it is important to know that maternity garments are designed with functionality in mind.

For example, nursing bras are made to facilitate interaction with children and postpartum girdles are designed to help with the body's recovery process. Each garment has a specific solution to offer.

A bra that makes your life easier

When it comes to bras, we might have to wear options that differ from our normal preferences, which often help the bust look bigger and rounder.

The design and functionality of maternity bras are focused around breastfeeding, making feeding time more practical and comfortable for the mother.

The main feature of maternity bras is a design that allows a mother to remove the cup and expose her nipple for breastfeeding. This feature allows mothers to breastfeed without exposing the entire breast or removing the bra. In addition, many maternity bras include a marker to note which breast was last used. Believe me, new mothers who experience late nights and early mornings can use the reminder.

Now, it doesn't mean that breastfeeding women have to use maternity bras. In fact, many women look for different options not specifically made for breastfeeding. So if you are looking for different options, here are some of my recommendations:

  • Try to choose a bra with fabric cups rather than foam cups. Fabric helps you expose your nipple easier than foam. Opt for bras that are made with elastic fabrics that can adapt to the changing volume of your bust. My advice is to use cotton pads to avoid stains.
  • A front-snap bra is another great option that allows you to easily open your bra for feeding. Most of them have wide straps for extra support in the bust and an X-shaped reinforcement in the back for improved posture. This is important since you will most likely have heavier breasts during this stage.

In general, keep the following aspects in mind when choosing a postpartum bra:

In conclusion
Correct size The size of your bust changes and your breasts will become increasingly sensitive and heavy.
My recommendation is to use a larger size than normal so your bra does not become too tight or uncomfortable. Measure yourself before you give birth in order to have time to find the correct size.
Wires Use wireless bras. If your bras are too tight, the wires could put pressure on your breasts. Still, wires can help to support your heavier bust, so if you don’t use wireless bras, make sure you have the correct size.
Material The skin needs to breathe, so it’s ideal to use highly absorbent and hypoallergenic materials made from cotton and microfibers that allow perspiration.

A very comfortable panty

Panties are so personal that many women have a hard time talking about them publicly. However, I find that ladies have a ton of questions about their panties.

The most important aspect about panties is comfort. I want my panties so comfortable that I forget I’m wearing them. We spend a lot of time sitting after giving birth, so the last thing new mothers want is an uncomfortable panty.

  • It is important to wear a panty that supports the abdominal area, so choose high-waisted panties.
  • Opt for comfortable materials like cotton that will prevent any type of allergic reaction. Cotton is stretchy, so it will keep you comfortable, too.
  • You might still be swollen right after giving birth, so be prepared to wear a larger size.

Undoubtedly, I hear the most questions about postpartum girdles. Women ask me if they are helpful and comfortable. They want to know if girdles will help them lose those extra pounds. I’ll try to answer some of those questions here:

1. Why is a postpartum girdle used?

Well, its main objective is to support the abdomen. Postpartum girdles help to get your body back to its pre-baby state by tightening muscles and improving circulation.

2. What differentiates a postpartum girdle from a common girdle?

Leonisa's postpartum girdles have a velcro system that allows new mothers to adjust the compression level. Velcro guarantees that each woman can wear the girdle as loose or as tight as she wants. My recommendation is to adjust only what is necessary to avoid discomfort or pain during the first few days. As time goes by, tighten it according to your comfort level.

3. When to use it?

Definitely consult with your OB/GYN regarding your postpartum girdle. However, many recommend that you start using it as soon as possible. Along with supporting muscles, women who have caesarean sections can sometimes use postpartum girdles to help with normal movements such as getting up or sitting down.
As always, you must consult with your physician to make sure it is safe to use these products.

4. Are there different types of girdles for me to consider?

Adjustable girdles are ideal, however, there are a few other options available:

  • After a healthy delivery, some ladies enjoy soft control girdles with various adjustment levels. Still, try to avoid bodysuits because they might not feel very comfortable at the bottom.
  • If you had a caesarean section, take care not to wear garments with closures or seams that rub against the incision.
  • Alternating the postpartum girdle with other garments is a good idea, but you’ll want to continue to choose clothing that gently compresses the body. Shapers with Skinfuse material are perfect to achieve the ideal amount of compression and comfort.
  • To recover your pre-pregnancy figure, keep in mind that you’ll need to exercise and eat a balanced diet.

5. Other benefits of wearing a postpartum girdle

  • Your body will change a lot while you’re pregnant, so don’t worry if it takes a while to get back to your pre-pregnancy body. However, a postpartum girdle will help you feel like your old self.
  • Girdles will give you more security and comfort when walking, standing up and sitting down (especially at first).
  • Postpartum girdles will help you maintain a straighter posture by protecting and supporting your back (which may even help with your energy levels).
  • Last but not least, these girdles can help reduce swelling while masking some of your extra baby weight.

Remember that girdles help with your appearance and self-esteem while also making you feel more comfortable after going through immense change.

Pregnancy is about new beginnings, and your underwear can be the perfect ally to help you feel secure and comfortable during one of the most beautiful and impactful moments of your life.

I hope this info helps as you begin your new adventure!




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