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Get to know our Personal Shoppers Leonisa

Who are the Personal Shoppers?

We are four women who are experts in fashion and intimate apparel, and we want to be your new best friends. Our goal is to give you our best advice, to help you find the perfect pieces to fit your unique body.

Susana Posada - Personal Shopper Leonisa

Meet Susana Posada

If you ask those who know me to describe me, I think that they would agree that...

Melissa Restrepo - Personal Shopper Leonisa

Meet Melissa Restrepo

Speaking of my essence, I would say that my positive energy is what identifies me, and....

Alejandra Hinestroza - Personal Shopper Leonisa

Meet Alejandra Hinestroza

What I like most about underwear: Everything — Underwear is intimate, but at the same time...

Luz María Gómez - Personal Shopper Leonisa

Meet Luz María Gómez

Everyone tells me that I am like a mom and that I always have the perfect advice.

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