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The Best Swimsuit for Your Body Type

The Best Swimsuit for Your Body Type - Leonisa

Your bathing suit will be the star of the summer.

Ladies love to find that perfect bathing suit, but it’s hard to make one suit work for all our different occasions.

Some days I need sporty suits and other days I need suits for sunbathing or lounging around the pool. Choosing the perfect bathing suit is important for all my summer activities, so this is one fashion decision I do not take lightly.

The first thing to keep in mind is that not all swimsuits are created equal. Different types of swimwear have extremely different characteristics in order to meet my needs. Ladies have to determine exactly what they need out of a suit so they can confidently show off their figures. I know that I need swimsuits that offer differing levels of coverage, support, abdomen control, built-in enhancement and more.

I hear the thoughts and needs of women shopping for bathing suits on a daily basis. As a result, I realize that more and more women want garments that reaffirm their comfort and that make them feel proud of their bodies.

That’s why it’s very important to consider several factors when choosing your swimsuit:

  • How do you want to see yourself?
  • How do you want to feel?
  • What benefits are you looking for?
  • Which silhouettes do you like the most?
  • When will you use your suit and for what?
Today, I really want you to view these options as a new way of loving your body. Discover all the benefits and various silhouettes that you can enjoy from our SWIMWEAR universe.

Goodbye insecurity, hello sunshine

When I think of swimsuits, I think of beaches, heat and special moments in paradise.

Since I was little, I’ve always connected bathing suits to freedom, happiness and above all ... fulfillment. But, I’m also aware that not all women have had such a positive relationship with their swimwear.

During my swimwear consultations, I often see ladies trying to cover up their imperfections in the mirror. Buying a bathing suit can be difficult for many women if they focus on their flaws rather than the fit.

I hear comments like- "I'm too fat,” “nothing fits me,” or “I’ll buy a suit once I lose weight.” These comments help me realize how often we stop ourselves from enjoying things, including clothes, only because we are not satisfied with ourselves. In many cases, women will avoid plans because they don’t like what they see in their reflection.

I will never forget helping a young lady who had not purchased a bathing suit since gaining a little weight. She told me she was waiting until she lost the weight before returning to the beach. Still, she was willing to try on a few bathing suits. After talking, she knew that she should not wait for the “perfect version” of her body before enjoying the summer. Rather than striving for a “perfect body,” we need to strive to feel good in our own skin, however it may look.

When I’m in my bathing suit, I forget about my bodily flaws. I don’t think about my stretch marks or my extra pounds. I think about spending time with friends, playing sports and soaking up some needed Vitamin D. My Leonisa bathing suit allows me to focus on all the good that comes with summer sun, swimming, and making fun memories.

It might be hard, but I know I need to leave my self-criticism behind, feel safe in my own skin, and enjoy the summer.

Swimwear benefits:

As a Personal Shopper, I know that choosing a swimsuit is not an easy task, but that perfect bathing suit is out there.

I promise. When it comes to buying the perfect swimsuit, every woman looks for unique features. With that in mind, below are some extra features that you should consider when searching for your suit.

1. Push-Up:

We all want to accentuate our positive features for those summer days, and lots of ladies care about their cleavage.

Because it’s important for some women, there are plenty of swimsuits that accentuate this feature.

These push-up swimsuits not only show off a striking neckline, but they also make your bust look raised, centered and bigger.

2. Fixed or removable cups:

If you’re less interested in enhancement and more interested in a rounded or shapely bust, look for bathing suits with fixed or removable pre-shaped cups.
These light, foam cups will not add additional volume to the bust. Instead, they will conform to your bust, guaranteeing the ideal shape for your neckline.

3. Tummy control:

Are you looking for a swimsuit that frames your curves and makes you look better than ever?
As a Personal Shopper, I’ve noticed that lots of women hide their figures in kimonos, shorts, T-shirts and other types of clothing. Rather than hide their bodies, these ladies can go the opposite way and highlight their best assets.

At Leonisa, most of our one-piece swimsuits have tummy control aspects that help shape every inch of the abdomen and waist. I love seeing how excited my clients become after trying a tummy-control swimsuit for the first time. They love seeing how the suit accentuates their figure and disguises little imperfections.

I promise these suits will make you feel more comfortable than ever!

Did I get your attention, yet? I hope so.

These swimsuits come with 3 types of compression and are made from the softest materials to accentuate your natural curves. They can also help you look 1 inch thinner in your waist and abdomen.

Smooth Control:
Ideal for women with little experience using control garments, these suits stylize the figure with a front panel made from TRICONET - the shiny and soft fabric inside our swimwear that generates a light compression in the abdomen.

What can this control do for you?

  • Keep everything in place with extra support
  • Provide comfort at every moment

Medium Control:
Perfect for those who have experience with control garments, this suit is designed with POWERSLIM TECHNOLOGY - a mesh fabric inside your swimwear that adjusts perfectly to your body and generates just the right amount of compression.

What can this control do for you?

  • Help you look up to 1-inch thinner
  • Provide a slimmer look for your back and abdomen
  • Improve the look of all your curves

4. Eco-Friendly Swimwear:

In a world where it is increasingly important to protect and conserve the environment, you can be a piece of positive change.
Leonisa has launched two initiatives around our bathing suits with hopes to give back to our planet by recycling sea nets and PET bottles.

Love for the Seas:
With over 640,000 tons of fishing nets abandoned at sea each year, marine species are increasingly in danger.
With our Love for the Seas initiative, abandoned nets are recovered and transformed into clothing and swimwear.
We invite you to help clean the planet’s oceans and look good while doing it. We’re extremely excited to be a part of this program because we know that small acts bring great change.

Recycled PET bottles:
We’re also actively working to reduce the negative impact generated by the millions of plastic bottles that contaminate Colombia each year.
We work with strategic partners to collect PET bottles, recycle them and turn them into beautiful Leonisa bathing suits.
With our environmentally-friendly suits, you can look good and feel good about doing your part.

5. Mastectomy support:

Every year, women fight breast cancer and undergo mastectomies to save their lives.

At Leonisa, we understand that a lady’s bust and body can be an essential part of her femininity. This is why we collaborated with breast cancer survivors to create swimwear with built-in prostheses.
These suits are practical and comfortable, and they’re made so that our ladies can feel as comfortable and beautiful as ever.

No matter the style you desire, Leonisa designs swimwear that will keep you feeling covered, comfortable and sexy for all of your summer activities!

1. Bikinis:

These two-piece swimsuits are perfect for women who enjoy showing off their summer bodies. Depending on your tastes, you can find bikinis with different levels of coverage on the bust and buttocks, including swimwear with less coverage for optimal tanning.

If you have a larger bust, it is important to choose bikinis with good support and coverage. Wide straps will support extra weight to keep you feeling fabulous all through the summer.

I love experimenting with my bikinis’ straps for different styles.

2. Tankinis:

We all know that abs can be a sensitive area for women, which is why so many ladies choose a tankini that offers full coverage of their abdomen.

A tankini is a two-piece bathing suit.
The upper portion is similar to a T-shirt that completely covers the waist and abdomen, and the lower portion is similar to the bottom half of a bikini with extra coverage for your thighs and backside.

If you’re running after your young ones in the sun all day or you’re just a little more traditional, you’ll enjoy the extra coverage around your arms, sides and back in a tankini.

3. One-Piece Swimsuits & Monokinis:

Who said that a one-piece can't be sexy? Please don’t believe that myth. There is nothing outdated or boring about one-piece suits!

We design swimwear for every summer need, which is why you’ll find both high-coverage suits and super sexy suits with pronounced necklines.

The best part is
that most of these swimsuits have a tummy control design to make your curves look better than ever!

4. Sports Swimwear:

If you love water activities like swimming or kitesurfing, you’ll need a strong suit to keep you safe, comfortable and covered at all times.

There’s nothing more embarrassing than losing a swimsuit in the water, so if you’re extremely active, it’s important to ensure your suit provides support in the neckline and wide straps.

5. Three Pieces:

For lovers of versatility and comfort, these suits offer the freedom of bikinis and the security of tankinis.

If you’re in the mood to show a little more skin,
you can wear this suit just like a bikini. But, if you need a little more coverage, just put on the shirt. Change up your style for any summer situation and get two looks in one!

6. Skirt Swimsuits:

The best part about our skirt swimsuits is that you can use the skirt to create 3 different styles. If you’re looking to frame your curves, create a sash by tying the skirt at your waist. You can also get super stylish by using the skirt as a cover-up gathered to one side. Or, you might just want to use the skirt as a skirt.

These swimsuits don’t just offer versatility. They also offer spectacular coverage for your hips and bottom.

Talk soon,



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