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Soft Panties - DURAFIT®

high cut panty shaper-000- White-MainImage
high cut panty shaper-700- Black-MainImage
high cut panty shaper-831- Brown-MainImage
high cut panty shaper-878- Beige-MainImage
no-show hiphugger panty-000- White-MainImage
no-show hiphugger panty-802- Nude-MainImage
truly invisible panty shaper-000- White-MainImage
truly invisible panty shaper-543- Blue-MainImage
truly invisible panty shaper-700- Black-MainImage
truly invisible panty shaper-802- Nude-MainImage
truly invisible panty shaper-857- Brown-MainImage
butt lifter padded panty - magic benefit-700- Black-MainImage
butt lifter padded panty - magic benefit-802- Nude-MainImage
no ride-up seamless thong panty-000- White-MainImage
no ride-up seamless thong panty-785- Black-MainImage
no ride-up seamless thong panty-802- Nude-MainImage
no ride-up seamless thong panty-857- Natural-MainImage
no ride up seamless hiphugger panty-000- White-MainImage
no ride up seamless hiphugger panty-785- Black-MainImage
3-pack invisible g-string thong style panty-997- Nude/Black/White-MainImage
maternity support panty-000- White-MainImage
maternity support panty-802- Nude-MainImage
tummy control panty-000- White-MainImage
tummy control panty-802- Nude-MainImage
perfect fit boyshort style panty-000- White-MainImage
perfect fit boyshort style panty-700- Black-MainImage
perfect fit boyshort style panty-802- Nude-MainImage
truly invisible control brief-700- Black-MainImage
truly invisible control brief-857- Brown-MainImage
invisible classic panty with intelligent fabric-000- White-MainImage
invisible classic panty with intelligent fabric-785- Black-MainImage
thong with firm control-700- Black-MainImage
thong with firm control-802- Nude-MainImage
high-waisted classic panty shaper-700- Black-MainImage
high-waisted classic panty shaper-802- Nude-MainImage
high cut firm control panty-000- White-MainImage
high cut firm control panty-700- Black-MainImage
high cut firm control panty-802- Nude-MainImage
comfy control brief with rear lift-802- Nude-MainImage
no-ride-up seamless bikini panty-000- White-MainImage
no-ride-up seamless bikini panty-785- Black-MainImage
no-ride-up seamless bikini panty-802- Nude-MainImage
postpartum panty with adjustable belly wrap--MainImage
maternity support panty--MainImage
no-show hiphugger panty--MainImage
perfect fit boyshort style panty--MainImage
truly invisible panty shaper--MainImage
butt lifter padded panty - magic benefit--MainImage
truly invisible control brief--MainImage
no ride-up seamless thong panty--MainImage
no-ride-up seamless bikini panty--MainImage
invisible classic panty with intelligent fabric--MainImage
high-waisted classic panty shaper--MainImage
truly invisible hi-waist control short--MainImage
high-waist postpartum panty with adjustable belly wrap--MainImage
high-waisted girdle with butt lifter benefit--MainImage
tummy and waist control shaper short--MainImage
3-pack invisible g-string thong style panty--MainImage
high cut panty shaper--MainImage
delicate lace hip hugger panty--MainImage
truly invisible panty shaper-975- Pink-MainImage