How to choose the perfect bra for every occasion?

Today’s women are masters of multitasking: we work, we’re mothers, we play sports, we go to parties…we do everything! So how do you choose the perfect bra, one to support you through every moment of your hectic life? This guide is a comprehensive list of all the bras you should have in your lingerie drawer – just in case!

A 24/7 Bra

Half Cup Bras & Demi Cup Bras

That’s what we call a bra whose comfort and lightness makes it perfect for all-day, every-day wear.

  • Also known as a “T-Shirt Bra’, these bras emphasize comfort over enhancement.
  • These are usually triangle bras with good coverage that provide a natural look.
  • Look for bras that are seamless or made with thermafusion. These bras won’t show under your clothes and they have a second-skin feel.

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A Party Bra

Balconet/Strapless Bras

Even though most of us don’t party every day, it’s good to have a party bra on hand for special occasions. But what kind of bra should you wear to parties?

  • It should be seamless. You’ll want something that won’t show under fitted dresses and tops.
  • Strapless: A bra you can wear without straps is ideal – it’s versatile and you can wear it for multiple occasions. Make sure you choose one with an anti-slip grip lining – that way, your bra will stay in place no matter what, giving you the freedom to dance all night!
  • Look for a bra with a little bit of padding: everyone looks good in a push-up bra, so this style is perfect for special occasions.
  • Wear a nude bra. They go with everything!

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A Sports Bra

Sports Bras Leonisa

For freedom of movement and to keep everything in place, we recommend that you always wear a sports bra when you’re working out.

  • They’re made with breathable fabrics so that you can stay dry.
  • Most sports bras don’t have underwire or side boning – just light padding or supportive design.
  • Ergonomic straps: Sports bras usually have straps that are supportive and comfortable.

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A Sleep Bra

Sleep Bras Leonisa

Not everyone sleeps with a bra on. Common complaints are that it’s uncomfortable, or that the “girls” should be able to breathe. However, wearing a bra to sleep has its benefits. You change positions a lot when you’re sleeping, so wearing a supportive bra can ensure that your bust doesn’t move all over the place (which can actually cause sagging!) So, what should you look for in a sleep bra?

  • Wear a bra with less structure: No underwire, side boning, hard cups, or hooks.
  • Find a seamless bra with breathable fabric. That way, moisture won’t build up overnight, causing bacteria and odor.
  • Don’t sleep in the same bra you’ve been wearing all day. Instead of feeling comfortable, you’ll end up with the bra digging into your skin. Also, wearing the same bra 24/7 can cause it to deteriorate.

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Want to treat yourself?

Push-Up Bras Leonisa

Whether you’re showing it off or keeping it to yourself, pretty lace bras look and feel luxurious.

  • Wear push-up bras when you’re looking to add volume and cleavage. Not only will these bras give you a supportive lift – they can also give you a confidence boost!
  • To add to the romantic look of lace bras, wear lace accessories. This will give you an all-around dramatic look.
  • Pair lace bras with lace panties for an all-over sumptuous feel.

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Bridal Bras

Bridal Bras & Wedding Bras Leonisa

How long have you been dreaming about your Big Day? There’s no occasion more romantic than your wedding day. Weddings are all about the little details, and the right underwear can make you feel beautiful and confident. Here are our recommendations for choosing your perfect match for your dream day.

  • Find a seamless bra that won’t show under your wedding dress. Try to choose a beige or nude bra so that it will blend in with your skin, instead of showing through when the light hits just so.
  • Strapless bras are perfect for low-cut and strapless wedding dresses. Choose one with an anti-slip grip lining on the sides or back so that it will stay in place.
  • For your wedding night, choose lace! Traditionally, white and ivory are the go-to bridal colors because they evoke romanticism and femininity.

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