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Find Underwear That Describes Your Personality

Let your underwear speak for you!

In the famous words of stylist Rachel Zoe, “Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak.” It’s true: the way we look reflects who we are. But today, we’re not talking about the accessories and brands that you wear on the outside: what you wear under your clothes says a lot about you, too. Does your underwear match your outerwear? Read below to find out.

If your style is casual-informal

If your style is casual informal

You’re an all-natural girl who wears minimal makeup and rocks a chill look, so you probably seek basic, comfy undergarments. You will love:

  • Bralettes, which are pretty, but have a natural look and feel.
  • Unlined bras with no padding or push-up.
  • Soft cup and wireless bras including sports bras: so comfortable that you can wear them every day of the week.
  • Panties with a casual fit like cotton briefs, boyshorts, and hipsters for coverage and comfort.

If your style is business casual

If your style is business casual

You’re all about balance: you look for pieces that make you seem put-together and stylish without being too formal or uncomfortable. You achieve this balance with accessories on top and structured garments underneath. You will love:

  • Push up bras with light-to-moderate padding and lift that will keep it all together without bringing too much attention to your chest.
  • Soft, seamless bras for a no-show look under clothes.
  • High-waisted panties may help you feel more put-together. Try soft compression for comfy slimming and shaping.

If your style is like a boss

If your style is like a boss

You keep it professional in your style and attitude, so you want to look for bras and panties that will make you feel comfortable but will hold everything in place. You will love:

  • Push up bras (AKA uplift bras, lift bras) with padding and/or other features to lift your bust.
  • Your style is your own, but we encourage avoiding extreme push-up and deep plunge bras, which may not be as comfortable for a long day at the office.
  • Comfy panties, such as cotton briefs in commanding colors like black and tan, will keep you comfy while you work.
  • For a little extra, try a shaper panty so that you can be the boss of your figure.

If your style is sultry and sexy

If your style is sultry and sexy

You’re always the center of attention, and you dazzle your audience with your sensual looks. You will love:

  • Lace! The lacy bra is the reigning champion of sensuality, especially in bold or dark colors.
  • Extreme push up bras add extra volume, perfect for achieving a sexy look and feel.
  • Complement your bras with lace panties, soft to the touch and invisible under clothes for secret sensuality.
  • Bring the sexy out with lace accessories, to enhance your romantic look.

If your style is classic elegance

If your style is classic elegance

Conscious and sophisticated, you like to wear undergarments that make you feel secure. You wear simple but effective pieces that are invisible under clothes. You will love:

  • Push up bras that subtly lift the chest, keeping it in place.
  • Invisible garments, such as seamless bras and panties, with or without lace.
  • High-waisted panties that enhance your figure.

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